Sophie Duker: Hag – Pleasance Courtyard

Rating: 4 out of 5.

After her 2019 success with her show Venus, Sophie Duker triumphantly returns to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for a sell-out run of her show dedicated to her fierce granny – the Hag.

Have you ever wondered what happens when an individual questioning their sexuality ends up on a lesbian cruise? Well, Sophie Duker has lived it and becomes “Sapphic Stacey Dooley” to enthusiastically tell all with plenty of audience participation. As if that were not enough, Duker regales the audience with tales of her childhood in Ghana under the care of her grandmother and the influence this had on her life and view of herself.

All eyes were on Duker throughout the performance due to her command of the stage. Her interactions with the audience were spontaneous and specific to the audience member to whom she was speaking. Her material was unique and original, and wholly based on her own lived experiences, but an effort was made to relate the tales of her childhood, horoscopes and the plight of the eldest child to the audience in front of her. Additionally, there were plenty of Edinburgh references thrown in to resonate with the home crowd.

This Taskmaster winner certainly knew how to run the show, and with the audience wrapped around her finger, Duker delights with laughter, an authentic glimpse into her life and brings a unique perspective to comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

‘Unique perspective

Sophie Duker: Hag runs at the Pleasance Courtyard until August 28th.

Tickets for which may be obtained here.

By Mhairi Sime

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