Motionhouse: Nobody – Festival Theatre, Edinburgh Conceived and Directed by Kevin Finnan Choreography by Kevin Finnan, Junior Cunningham and Original Cast Original Score by Tim Dickinson and Sophy Smith ★★★★ Entering its third touring year, Motionhouse: Nobody has been enthralling audiences across the UK and Europe. Now, landing at the Festival Theatre, Edinburgh, this demonstration of raw physical prestige and gravity-defying choreography … Continue reading Motionhouse: Nobody – Festival Theatre, Edinburgh


Pibroch – Scottish Storytelling Centre

Created and Performed by John Bolland  Co-directed by Mark Thomson ★★★ Conjuring the idea of how it feels to find oneself on a ‘burning platform’ - too hot to stand but too late to abandon, just what options do we have left when facing down the barrel of this Climate Emergency, and what parallels can be … Continue reading Pibroch – Scottish Storytelling Centre

Ghosthunter – Silver Cloud Studios

Written by Douglas Irvine and Cameron Hall Directed by Douglas Irvine ★★★★ Frights are easy. Jumps and screams are simplistic. Genuine fear is talent. Fear is a remarkably powerful state. And yet, the rush from it, the exhilarating thrill of something which pushes us into a primal reaction, is a gold standard of storytelling. Horror … Continue reading Ghosthunter – Silver Cloud Studios

Carrie Hope Fletcher: An Open Book – Festival Theatre Directed by Ruthie Stephens ★★★★ To list the shows which have benefited from the talent, grace, and tremendously infectious sense of humour and decorum which exudes from Carrie Hope Fletcher, the UK stage industry's absolute darling and perpetually rising star, would take us a rather long time. Whether your first experience was Carrie’s take … Continue reading Carrie Hope Fletcher: An Open Book – Festival Theatre

The Devil in the Belfry – Pleasance Lomond Room From the Short Story by Edgar Allan Poe Monologue by Dave Robb Directed by Flavia D’Avila ★★★★ Up high, high in the dark Belfry: the familiar but eerie twangs of a fiddle are strung. And as the grand clock tower at the centre of Vondervotteimittiss rings thirteen o’clock, atrocity strikes the dour and dull … Continue reading The Devil in the Belfry – Pleasance Lomond Room