We are first and foremost a site dedicated to providing quality reviews of the goings on in and around Scotland. From the drop down list you’ll find all categories for reviews: Theatre, Cinema and Events. Theatre will also contain elements of Dance, Ballet, Opera and Children’s shows.

Below is a brief summary of Corr Blimey’s Star Ratings:

One Star: Despite misconceptions, these aren’t what critics ‘love’ to dish out and is quite rare. Usually a dismally organised event or production which doesn’t cover the ticket price

Two Stars: Has merit, you might find the odd scene or have a decent enough time. Not a horrendous way to spend the evening but don’t pay full price or top-quality seating prices

Three Stars: The happy medium. This by no extent means a bad production, think of it as covering the ticket cost. An enjoyable night out, flawed but you won’t be upset for paying

Four Stars: The pleasant night out. Covers the ticket cost and the taxi home after a few business drinks. A production which is worth seeing and recommended.

Five Stars: If the review has five stars once you’ve finished reading (liking and commenting too if you’re kind) go out and get a ticket. Highly recommended