The Seal-Woman – Scottish Storytelling Centre

Composed by Granville Bantock Composition and Libretto by Marjory Kennedy-Fraser Directed by David Douglas Musical Direction by Hebba Benyaghla ★★★★ In the brisk winds of an uninhabited islet in the Western Isles, a Cailleach, Scot’s crone, croons into the emptiness of the world – singing of local legend, that of the seals which transform into … Continue reading The Seal-Woman – Scottish Storytelling Centre


H.M.S. Pinafore – Bedlam Theatre

Libretto & Music by W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan Directed by Fraser Grant  Choreography and Assistant Direction by Sally Franks  Musical Direction by Kathleen Davie  ★★★★ Edinburgh University Savoy Opera Group reimagine the well-known and loved Gilbert & Sullivan classic H.M.S Pinafore as a light-hearted comedic cabaret. The cast, crew and musicians take the audience on a … Continue reading H.M.S. Pinafore – Bedlam Theatre

Il Trittico – Festival Theatre Composed by Giacomo Puccini Directed by Sir David McVicar Conducted by Stuart Stratford ★★★★★ The idea of remaining faithful to the artist's intentions is, for some producers, not always the first thing on their mind in staging a lengthy or composite collection of works. For Puccini, there was no other way to demonstrate the … Continue reading Il Trittico – Festival Theatre

The Verdi Collection – Usher Hall

Musical Direction and Conduction by Stuart Stratford ★★★★ When the pomp and visage of opera rein in, and the lavish nature of sets, costumes and lighting make way for the humbleness of the heart of it all: the music, something quite remarkable can happen. And that’s precisely what occurred at the Usher Hall on Saturday, … Continue reading The Verdi Collection – Usher Hall

Ainadamar – Festival Theatre Libretto by David Henry Hwang Direction & Choreography by Deborah Colker Conducted by Stuart Stratford ★★★★★ Deborah Colker for Scottish Opera has rightened a dichotomy: for nearly two decades, Osvaldo Golijov was the emergence of a postmodernist complexity within the classical world – and his ability to merge Latin American music with the potentials … Continue reading Ainadamar – Festival Theatre