I Hate it Here – Summerhall

Presented by Sweet Beef Theatre Directed by ★★★★ Presenting I Hate It Here, Sweet Beef Theatre has produced a vibrant, immersive, interactive comedy about the harsh realities of zero-hour contract work. The production follows four characters, all linked by the ever-present, foreboding presence of “The Company”. Introducing the show with a generous helping of toxic … Continue reading I Hate it Here – Summerhall


Shakers – Bedlam Cafe

Written by John Godbear and Jane Thornton Directed by Izzy Ponsford ★★★ It takes a lot to convince that frequenting a bar might somehow be better than a glass of red and a night of self-loathing over a book. But if there’s a group that can manage it, well, EUTC certainly can. The intrinsic value … Continue reading Shakers – Bedlam Cafe

Il Trittico – Festival Theatre

https://youtu.be/cg8GdNDf7Nc Composed by Giacomo Puccini Directed by Sir David McVicar Conducted by Stuart Stratford ★★★★★ The idea of remaining faithful to the artist's intentions is, for some producers, not always the first thing on their mind in staging a lengthy or composite collection of works. For Puccini, there was no other way to demonstrate the … Continue reading Il Trittico – Festival Theatre

Annie – Edinburgh Playhouse

Book by Thomas Meehan Music by Charles Strouse Lyrics by Martin Charnin Directed by Nikolai Foster ★★★★ A pillar of the musical theatre world, Thomas Meehan’s adaptation of the little orphan Annie has found itself for nearly fifty years in numerous re-stagings and tours, winning awards and offering a sliver of saccharine joy amidst the bleakness of … Continue reading Annie – Edinburgh Playhouse

Write-Off – A Play, A Pie, And a Pint

Written by Aodhan Gallagher Directed by Irene Macdougall ★★★★ Sensitivity readers. A job title unheard of in the past. Everyone has one now, even colossal writers who have graced us with scenes of intense violence, sexual assault, and a soupcon of scatological discomfort. But not everyone feels their necessity. The world of theatre, literature, film, … Continue reading Write-Off – A Play, A Pie, And a Pint