Murmur – The Studio, Potterrow Concept by Hanne Vandersteene, Mahlu Mertens and Stijn Dickel Directed by Hanne Vandersteene and Mahlu Mertens ★★★★ Penetrating, often gentile whispers and Murmurs cause the grandest ripple of attention. Grensgeval, Belgium circus and theatre producers, capitalise on this, turning the adrenaline of circus and aerial movements into an immersive sound-based piece of theatre with a circular … Continue reading Murmur – The Studio, Potterrow


How The Other Half Loves – Church Hill Theatre

Written by Alan Ayckbourn Directed by Helen Hammond ★★★★ What’s the idiom? About the grass being somewhat greener on the other side? Or in this case, the Avocado is fresher at another dining table. Continuing to celebrate their 80th anniversary, stepping away from the political drama and pain of their previous success with Brassed Off! the Edinburgh … Continue reading How The Other Half Loves – Church Hill Theatre

The Stamping Ground – Festival Theatre Written by Morna Young Concept by Alan B McLeod Directed by Luke Kernaghan Featuring the Songs of Runrig ★★★ What is 'home'? Is it where we feel safe, where we are from, or is it simply the land itself we inhabit? Perhaps, it’s all of these. Or maybe it's something more. The merger of … Continue reading The Stamping Ground – Festival Theatre

Dear Billy: A Love Letter To The Big Yin – Traverse Theatre Written by Gary McNair Directed by Joe Douglas ★★★★★ How do you distil the entire being of a man, a legacy, into ninety minutes Well, sharing in the stories from the people who know him, have never met him, love him and idolise him, and yes, even detest the man - aye, that might … Continue reading Dear Billy: A Love Letter To The Big Yin – Traverse Theatre

The Lady Vanishes – Churchill Theatre

Adapted by Derek Webb, from the novel by Ethel Lina White Artistic Direction by Fiona Main ★★★ Dipping into the endless sensibilities and prudish tropes of the 1930s English middle class, this period thriller spins itself into a spiffing evening for Baronesses and Teaboys alike. The more sinister notions of Hitchcock’s film adaptation are treated … Continue reading The Lady Vanishes – Churchill Theatre