Green Knight – Scottish Storytelling Centre Performed & Written by Debbie Cannon Directed by Flavia D'Avila ★★★★ You never quite know what whimsical journey through folklore or history may present at the Scottish Storytelling Centre; why one day, it may be Dragons and Kelpies, the next, Rowdy Poets and Ceilidhs. But this afternoon, the court of Camelot returns, brought to … Continue reading Green Knight – Scottish Storytelling Centre

The Single Lady – theSpace on North Bridge Written by Lauren Brewer & Will Drake Direction by Lauren Brewer Musical Direction by Will Drake ★★★★ “The devil works hard, but the Queen works harder.” Durham University’s Tone Deaf Theatre Company present a snappy, cleverly written musical with a talented cast based on the life and love of Queen Elizabeth the First. The … Continue reading The Single Lady – theSpace on North Bridge

Hamlet with Ian McKellen – St Stephens

Performance concept Peter Schaufuss and Ian McKellen Director and Choreographer Peter Schaufuss ★★ The crown sits heavily upon this knight's head, as Ian McKellen, to absolutely no one's surprise, carries the abridged storytelling mechanics of Hamlet – reciting a ‘best of' hits to an apprehensive and a famished crowd eager to see the man who played the … Continue reading Hamlet with Ian McKellen – St Stephens

No Place Like Home – Pleasance Dome

Directed & Co-created by Cameron Carver Co-Creator & Sound Design by Jac Cooper ★★★★ There’s always one. Sat alone at the bar, watching, taking in the journeys and stories of those surrounding them. But thing is that person sat night after night, well, they too have a story. Or rather, they have two tales to … Continue reading No Place Like Home – Pleasance Dome

Dreams of the Small Gods – Summerhall

Performed & Created by Zinnia Oberski ★★★ This is the story of awakening: the awakening of something raw, unaware, and unfiltered, that of a Wild Woman. The soil beneath her feet is not the foundation of her journey, however, instead progressing through this new world, and her body through movement to explore her aerial surroundings, … Continue reading Dreams of the Small Gods – Summerhall