Ladies of Letters – Perth Horsecross Written by Lou Wakefield and Carole Hayman Adapted by Jonathan Harvey Directed by Joanna Reid ★★★★ Before the world had ‘frenemies’, we had Ladies of Letters – a benchmark of the finest passive-aggressive tactics the nation is quite well known for. From radio play to ITV hit, Lou Wakefield and Carol Hayman's Ladies of Letters has remained a success throughout the … Continue reading Ladies of Letters – Perth Horsecross

Johannes Radebe: Freedom – King’s Theatre ★★★★ “Ladies, gentlemen and my friends beyond the binary" - as Johannes Radebe (or JoJo as we are affectionately to call him) begins the initial hosting piece of Freedom, it becomes evident that the instant likeability and demonstration of talent the show possess is categorically for everyone. While it certainly caters to BBC Strictly fans, Freedom is a … Continue reading Johannes Radebe: Freedom – King’s Theatre

Daniel Getting Married – Play, Pie & Pint

Written by JD Stewart Directed by Kenny Miller ★★★ Commendable, a word tossed around often with little weight or relevance, but in the words of the Traverse; "The Show Goes On". And after two of Daniel Getting Married’s cast members are down with Covid, Emily Winters and Michael Dylan arrive with a commendable call to action, and … Continue reading Daniel Getting Married – Play, Pie & Pint

Everbody’s Talking About Jamie – Festival Theatre Music by Dan Gillespie Sells Book & Lyrics by Tom Macrae From the Original Idea by Jonathan Butterall Directed by Matt Ryan ★★★★ Acceptance and Identity. Peculiar that these two pivotal and paramount concepts are so difficult for us to overcome and welcome - both others, and ourselves. With a few spoonfuls of Priscilla, dollops … Continue reading Everbody’s Talking About Jamie – Festival Theatre

The Chosen Haram – Manipulate Festival Devised & Performed by Sadiq Ali Co-devised & Performed by Hauk Pattison ★★★★ Forbidden. Sinful. Haram. Different worlds cultivate similar restrictions and ideals, garbed in diverse cultures and histories. And challenging the status of faith, sexuality, and connection – The Chosen Haram aids in opening the 2022 season of Manipulate Festival with its premiere launch. A … Continue reading The Chosen Haram – Manipulate Festival