Have A Gander – Speed Dial

We Are Spies – Like Us, the multi-award winning creative group behind Speed Dial were kind enough to offer us a brief gander at their show for the Edinburgh fringe. An explosive caper of physical comedy about forgiveness, connections, and cryptic conundrums – set to a 70s vinyl soundtrack.

Would you mind giving us a brief insight into who you are/what your show is?

We are Spies Like Us – a multi award-winning physical theatre company based in London, formed in early 2017 by Young Pleasance graduates. Speed Dial is our fourth show and follows a lonely Professor awaiting a call. When he’s chased by the ringing of every passing phone, an ominous voice sets him on a series of mysterious puzzles that stand between him and his missing daughter. It truly is the ultimate whodunnit, packed with comedy and uber-physical routines. Plus, there’s an excellent 70s soundtrack!

How does it feel to be a part of the 75th Anniversary Fringe?

Incredibly exciting. The last time I went to Fringe was 2018 (which is where I watched a Spies Like Us show for the first time!) so it’s going to feel like a big full circle moment. We’ve been talking about bringing Speed Dial to Edinburgh since the end of 2019, so to finally be doing it during such an iconic year for the festival feels really special.

There are over 3,000 shows at the Fringe. So what sets your show apart?

We’re not alone in our challenging run up to the Fringe; I am sure every single company up there has had an equally (if not more) rocky road, but I truly believe the thing that sets Speed Dial apart is the fun of it. We’ve had fun making it, we’ve had fun changing it and we have the most fun doing it, and I really hope this translates to our audiences. It’s got something in it for everyone, from high octane dance routines, to tender moments about family and connection, to endless jokes, to an epically designed and made multi-functional desk, so let us be your 1 out of 3000!

Your ideal audience is in attendance, who’s watching? Or more importantly – who isn’t there…

Easy – Alfred Hitchcock! A review from an early iteration of Speed Dial described it as ‘Singin’ In The Rain meets Hitchcock’ so I would love to have him there to find out if he agrees. Sadly, this is impossible, so anyone who is a fan of his iconic films, who loves comedy, physical theatre and a good old-fashioned mystery would make for the ultimate audience. Another massive inspiration for the writers is Hot Fuzz, so if Edgar Wright happened to pop in, that would make my Fringe (and life).

It’s an intense month, so where you’re able, how do you plan to relax, and are there any other shows you’re intending on seeing/Recommending?

Yoga, yoga, yoga! We’ve been doing a lot of this already in rehearsals – Speed Dial is super fast-paced and energetic, so anything we can do to relax, breathe, and take some time to stretch out our weary bodies will be top of the list I think. Top of my list of things to see are Bogeyman at Queen Dome, Joshua (and Me) at 10Dome and Caligari at Big Belly. I would also recommend checking out our partners in physical theatre crime, Voloz Collective.

Speed Dial runs at Venue 23, Pleasance Dome (1 Bristo Square, EH8 9AL) on the below dates in August:

3rd – 15th, 17th-29th

Performances begin at 14.20pm and last for one hour and fifteen minutes.
Tickets: £15.50


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