James Morrison: A Celebration – The Scottish Gallery

Exhibition Hosted by The Scottish Gallery A maestro of the commanding Grey skies, a Scottish artist, a city boy who had a grasp of landscape enviable to those in the field – it has been two years since the passing of James Morrison, and the Scottish art community continues reeling from the loss. Morrison saw … Continue reading James Morrison: A Celebration – The Scottish Gallery

Starstruck – Scottish Ballet

https://youtu.be/Bf4Sst2Xg3U Original Choreography & Direction for Pas de Dieux by Gene Kelly Additional Choreography & Scenario by Christopher Hampson ★★★★ Camera, Lights, Action. Scottish Ballet paints the Festival Theatre in the glad rags of old Hollywood with a Parisian flair in an explosive return to the Edinburgh stage after a long-awaited tour. Unbeknownst to many, … Continue reading Starstruck – Scottish Ballet

The Little Glass Slipper as Performed by the Queen of France and her Friends.

Written & Directed by Cara Johnston Produced by The Miles Sisters: Courtney & Cara ★★★★★ As Rome burned, Nero played the fiddle. As the Capitol rioted, Trump engorged on hate. But when the Place de la Bastille was stormed, and Paris was on the brink of revolution, Marie Antoinette performed. One final performance, a fitting … Continue reading The Little Glass Slipper as Performed by the Queen of France and her Friends.

Granny Smith – Institut Français d’Écosse

Performed and Created by Tracey Boot ★★★ Chaotic, bilingual and a fan of all things shopping and cooking, Granny Smith spends her time dipping in and out between her love of Scotland where she would teach and her home in France. Paying a visit to Granny is like being with one of the family, warming and welcoming … Continue reading Granny Smith – Institut Français d’Écosse

A Perfect Enemy – Review

https://youtu.be/m4ojQ3RT3Sk Directed by Kike Maíllo Written by Cristina Clemente & Kike Maíllo Spain,Germany,France/2020/89mins ★★★★ Chaos and order; love and obsession. There are paradigms which belong together. In the case of architect Jeremiasz Angust, everything comes with a reason and design, until a young twenty-something year old girl crashes into his life. Approached on his way … Continue reading A Perfect Enemy – Review