Have A Gander – Oedipus Electronica

Excited to finally bring their show, Oedipus Electronica, to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe after their 2020 delay, Artistic Director of Pecho Mama, Mella Faye, took some time to let audiences Have a Gander at their radical take on the ancient Greek tale, with a live in-house band. This re-imaging on the ultimate (and messiest) love triangle of Mother, Father, and Son, marries London domestic grit with a live electronica soundscape.

Would you mind giving us a brief insight into who you are/what your show is?

I’m Mella Faye, Artistic Director of Pecho Mama. We make music driven theatre and are in the middle of a love affair with Greek Tragedy. This time we’re bring Oedipus Electronica. It’s a radical take on the myth, with a live band on stage. 

How does it feel to be a part of the 75th Anniversary Fringe?

We were all set to come to Edinburgh in 2020 with this show so, to finally be making the pilgrimage, it’s like quenching a deep thirst. I’m so grateful that the Fringe has survived and is still a place for us to come together, to share our creativity and experimentation. 

There are over 3,000 shows at the Fringe. So what sets your show apart?

Firstly… If you’re going to do Greek Tragedy then it requires nerves of steel and willingness to go the darkest, rawest parts of the human psyche. We go for the jugular. Straight to the vulnerable, shameful heart of what it means to be human. 

And this is Greek tragedy through the lens of an older woman. Usually older women get left with the safe roles. It’s rare that you get to witness an older female revelling in the murky underworld of the human psyche. 

And secondly…  Pecho Mama is both a theatre company and a live Alt-Electronica band. The live music in this show holds equal value and weight to the drama. We write the score and the text in tandem. And the level of musicianship is extraordinary.

Your ideal audience is in attendance, who’s watching? Or more importantly – who isn’t there…

Our fictional ideal audience member is Carla. She loves independent cinema. She has Roisin Murphy and Bjork on her playlist. She has loved and lost. She wants to be swept away, to forget herself and then find herself again. She is fearless and curious but needs a damn good cry. That’s why she came. 

Oedipus Electronica is intense, uncomfortable and unrelenting. So if you’re browsing for some light relief, this is NOT the show for you! 

But if you’re looking for an emotional rollercoaster ride, a deep dive into the raw bloody meat of the human condition, then this could be right up your alley.

It’s an intense month, so where you’re able, how do you plan to relax, and are there any other shows you’re intending on seeing/Recommending?

I’m going to stick to a routine. Lots of sleep and good food. At least that’s the intention. It’s been such a slog to get here that I’ve not even had a chance to see what else is on offer. I’m looking forward to getting to the point where I’m able to take a moment away from our own production and enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labours!

Oedipus Electronica runs at Venue 33, Pleasance Courtyard (60 Pleasance, EH8 9TJ) on the below dates in August:


Performances begin at 13.30pm and lasts for one hour
and fifteen minutes.
Tickets: £15.00


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