Our Team

Corr Blimey serves to deliver news and reviews of theatre, cinema and events across Scotland, Northampton or wherever else invites us…

Dominic Corr – Lead Editor

Our lead critic, a point of contact and the unfortunate face of the site. Dominic has been writing freelance for several established and respected publications such as The Skinny, Edinburgh Festival Magazine, The Reviews Hub, In Their Own League and The Wee Review (back when it was TV Bomb!). After several years he decided to start his own publication to cover two things: solid opinions and impartial delivery.

Commended for his work by press managers across the capital, Dominic is no stranger to the theatre sphere in Edinburgh, Fife, London and the North of England. His reviews, articles and previews are noted for their fair, concise and constructive content. Shows are not valued before viewing – nor are stars removed or added simply for coverage. No show is beyond our scope, aiming to offer a voice to amateur, semi-professional and full West-End alike. Too many productions fall through the cracks of visibility: representation is key, and we at Corr Blimey will do our best to shine the spotlight on the unsung talent of this nation.

Dominic has reviewed all manner of productions from Ballet, Opera and Events to Animation, Puppetry and Exhibitions. In previous Festival Fringe years, he has been noted as a specialist writer for LGBTQI+, Children’s Theatre and Comedy. Dominic was shortlisted for the Allen Wright Award for journalists under 30 for the previous Festival Fringe year 2018.

Danielle Corr – Creative Consultant & Guest Editor

Danielle hails from the Kingdom of Fife, North East Scotland. She has worked in professional theatre for over twenty years, beginning her acting career on Scottish stages aged fifteen before relocating to London where she attended drama school and didn’t find fame or fortune. What she did gain, however, was an intimate insight into the behind-the-scenes of the West End’s largest producers and theatre companies’ inner workings from her place as box-office manager – an invaluable tool in understanding the grit behind the glamour.

When not on maternity leave, Danielle works at the Royal & Derngate in Northampton as the Schools and Groups coordinator and has made it her mission to make theatre accessible and appealing to everyone. She is also a trainee baby massage & yoga instructor and infant mental health practitioner and works with local businesses and charities to promote child development through performance.

With a C.V that includes the West End, UK and regional tours, repertory and Fringe shows, Danielle brings extensive knowledge and insight to CorrBlimey, a lucky addition to the team and a fountain of knowledge to steer the site in new creative directions while striving and improving our EDI.

Hayley Matear (and Rolo) – Design Consultant & Photographer

Our creative consultant and photographer come from Edinburgh, Scotland. Following a varied career, Hayley’s travels to America and personality brought her back to Scotland where she began her talents with graphic design, editing and animation.

Hayley has recently graduated with a Degree in Digital Media which makes her a perfect candidate to look after our images, graphics and layout. As well as this, she is also studying for her Master’s degree in advertising but still manages to find time to attend various press nights, previews and events.

Hayley has been a guest of Corr Blimey for nearly a decade now, joining us for large-scale events and amateur productions, and we’re thrilled she finally has the time to join the team as our lead photographer and graphic consultant. With big plans to re-vitalise the website and expand the gallery and original photos for the company, Hayley has quickly become a valuable member.

In Hayley’s spare time she enjoys hanging out with our mascot Rolo and bug Dom into taking her along to all the latest shows that the company covers.

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