Have A Gander – Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022 Digital

The argument on the validity of Digital performance is for another time. What it loses in intimacy and liveness, the medium translates into accessibility and creativity. Seems fitting for the world’s largest celebration of arts and culture, no?

For all the fault, frustration and anxieties last year’s Fringe was plagued by, the introduction of a gargantuan digital library brought the world to Edinburgh in a fresh dynamic.

It’s just a shame this seems to have fallen at the wayside as the Fringe returns to its in-person routes.

But the digital footprint of the festival remains. Just not in an app. Here, we’ve highlighted some choice performances across the Fringe from all walks of life, spread across the globe.

Links directly to the Fringe website to purchase tickets or look further at shows can be followed by clicking on the show’s respective image. Ticket prices are for standard admission, so please check the Fringe website for concession prices.

The Farenheit Alliance III

Trapped. That’s how many of us felt in the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. Literally and metaphorically. Drawing inspiration from Kyle Yamada’s piece, this multimedia performance organises a secret, invisible alliance over streaming clouds to shatter physical distance and walls. In a time where meeting one another is forbidden – The Fahrenheit Alliance III finds a covert manner of assembling.

One voice recording becomes another’s lifeline, listened to, recorded in answer, and then passed down the line and the cycle continues – secretly eroding the barriers which held us.

Live-streamed from Tokyo, The Fahrenheit Alliance sees its third iteration in the series become a part of this year’s Fringe celebrations.

On-Demand (20 minutes), Now – 28th Aug (two live shows on 7th & 14th Aug)
Venue 4 – C ARTS, C Digital portal
Online Venue

Tickets: PWYC

 The Little Glass Slipper as Performed by the Queen of France and Her Friends

Pilfering the pockets of the bourgeoisie, The Miles Sisters built their production from the grassroots of Texas, and last year launched The Little Glass Slipper as Performed by the Queen of France and her Friends across the water and into the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, where it served as an eager reminder of the eccentricities of digital theatre and wealth the Fringe (could) continue to offer. For further thoughts on the five-star shows, consider reading our review here

A glorification of haute couture with ripples of contemporary anxieties, The Little Glass Slipper as Performed by the Queen of France and her Friends places audiences into the world of 1789 France. Tension is high, as is the guillotine blade. Whispers of a revolution persist as we find ourselves attending a performance of The Little Glass Slipper by Marie Antoinette and her aristocratic friends. Oh, and it’s July 14th. You may wish to look up what happened in France on that day in 1789…

On-Demand (55 minutes) 5th – 28th Aug 2022
Venue 362 – Fringe Online, Vimeo
Online Venue

Tickets: £10.00


When Rob set out on his ship this morning, he had no idea he would never reach his destination. 

Teatre de l’ Abast offers a family storytelling experience, and though audiences may find themselves close to Rob’s Island, do not let commonplace appearances be deceptive. For this is no need to call out; he won’t be able to hear you. This is no physical island but rather one of Rob’s inner reflections. Residing in a world where, as life drifts, inspiration becomes our lifeboat.

Audiences are invited to sit back, relax, find their inner imagination, and have a pleasant shipwreck. 

On-Demand (55 minutes) Now – 28th Aug 2022
Venue 4 – C ARTS, C Digital portal
Online Venue

Tickets: PWYC

Am I Alone? John K

Blurring the boundary of authorship and character, author/actor Stephanie Vlahos brings to life John K Mercury. In embodying her creation, an accidental astronaut, Vlahos offers an intimate insight into the creative process as Mercury finds himself alone, believing that hitching a ride on a mission to Mars is the only way left.

Alone with his thoughts in the enormity of the cosmos, we begin to contemplate a sense of being and how, even in the vastness of space, Mercury finds himself a Piper of Hamelin as he gathers followers along the journey.

Am I Alone? is a free but ticketed event, so please follow the link to book yours.

On-Demand (30 minutes) 5th – 28th Aug 2022
Venue 362 – Fringe Online, YouTube
Online Venue

Tickets: Free (Ticketed)

Domitius – An Original Musical

Spring is over. And Nero is back.

First-century Roman politics was as messy as it is glorious. We know the busts, the emperors, and the togas, but Domitius retells the story of this period of history through an unbiased lens, full of love, dance, song, and murder.

DomitiusBrings the musical brings this colourful cast of rogues to life by infusing this centuries-old tale of betrayal and death through a contemporary score taking inspiration from the 70s and 80s and a script peppered with pop-culture references.

But it may come as a surprise what led to the downfall of Nero; was it the debauchery, the self-indulgence, or the civil war? Whatever the genuine reason, Nero has every intention of sharing the answer through his aspirations to be a musician and performer.

Hail Roma!

On-Demand (100 minutes) 5th – 28th Aug 2022
Venue 362 – Fringe Online, YouTube
Online Venue

Tickets: £10.00

Warhol: Bullet Karma

Bold simplicity, Garry Roost brings his solo performance to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with Warhol: Bullet Karma, a production crammed with the characterisation and anecdotes from Warhol’s artistic prime. Transporting audiences through time, back to The Factory, Warhol: Bullet Karma pushes audiences to encounter the multitude of celebrities and figures of the pop culture world Warhol interacted with and the legacy he left behind.

A powerful and compact piece of theatre, this dark and sharp take on the American pop art icon, Andy Warhol, and the woman who shot him – Valerie Solanas.

On-Demand (55 minutes) 5th – 28th Aug 2022
Venue 362 – Fringe Online, Vimeo
Online Venue

Tickets: £7.00

Sagas and Seascapes

Seeking to capture the uniqueness, wonder and melancholy of the Orkney’s ancient sites – Norse tales make up the inspiration for this music and storytelling piece of art from Nordic Viola. Structured with video design curated by Craig Sinclair and Orla Stevens’ abstract art to compliment the orchestration, Sagas and Seascapes will transform the Netherbow Theatre into a venture through folklore and culture as audiences encounter history in motion.

Sagas and Seascapes will perform live at the Scottish Storytelling Centre on August 15th, 16th, and 17th, but this free performance is available for those unable to attend in person.

19.00pm (120 minutes) 18th Aug 2022, with in-person performances on Aug 15th – 17th at the Scottish Storytelling Centre
Venue 344 – Scottish Storytelling Centre Online
Online Venue

Tickets: Free (Ticketed)

If you haven’t spotted your production – do not worry! We’re currently working our way through a huge backlog of requests, with many previews and Q & A’s lined up for the coming month. If you haven’t, please do get in touch through the contact page to feature in an upcoming ‘Have A Gander’


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