Have A Gander – Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022 Children’s Shows

Let’s just get this clear; children’s shows aren’t just for kids. Within reason…

Quite often, we find that the level of dedication, thought and ingenuity that goes into productions designed for younger audiences far excels that of their grown-up counterparts. From circus feats to Shakespearean retellings, from Monsters and Dragons to Selkies and Stand-ups, no genre crosses so many others quite like the Children’s shows of the Fringe.

So, let’s shatter the myth of age boundaries for some of the Fringe’s most well-developed and highly appreciated shows. After all – what’s better than a realm where anything is possible, where the make-believe springs into life and nurtures the mindsets of those eager to tell stories and create their own narratives in a world where so often narratives are thrust upon us at an early age.

Time to let go of inhibitions, and give over to that younger self.

Links directly to the Fringe website to purchase tickets or look further at shows can be followed by clicking on the show’s respective image. Ticket prices are for standard admission and not children, so please check the Fringe website for concession prices.

First Piano On The Moon

A returning show, but this time to the newly renovated marvel of the Pianodrome venue, First Piano on the Moon is a marvel in musical storytelling and communicating with audiences on a respectful level. Blending together instrumentals, song, animation and elements of puppetry, First Piano on the Moon is a magical experience.

William’s dream to play Mozart on a world-class stage comes true. But this prestigious event is full of young pianists who have dedicated their few years to mastering his pieces to memory. Anxious, if only there was a genius like Mozart who was able to assist Will and act as a guide through the concert…

This glorious piece was a feature of last year’s Fringe and performed as a part of Perth Theatre’s lockdown programme. For an idea of what is in store – please have a read of our review of Will Pickvance’s digital performance here. And given how highly we thought of that, to see the real production in such a wonderful venue would be a treat for any.

11.00am (55 minutes) 20th – 21st & 27th – 28th Aug 2022
Venue 391 – Pianodrome
Old Royal High, EH7 5BL

Tickets £12.00

Is This A Dagger?

You think you know the tale of Macbeth. Of witches, betrayal, and daggers. But while something wicked this way comes, take the opportunity to catch one of the Fringe’s best examples of solo theatre and storytelling.

Without question, Andy Cannon’s Is This A Dagger? is a triumph in introducing audiences to the nuances and (let’s face it) oversaturated world of Shakespeare. Transporting audiences on a thousand-year journey through the world of Scottish folklore, witchcraft and Kings and Queens. Is This a Dagger? is the pinnacle of a show produced for younger audiences which can be fully appreciated by all.

If there are still any doubts, we implore readers to check our five-star review of the show last year here

11:30 am (60 minutes) 4th – 28th (select dates) Aug 2022
Venue 30 – Scottish Storytelling Centre, Netherbow Theatre
43-45 High Street, EH1 1SR
Tickets: £12.00

Dragons and Mythical Beasts

Come one – come all. It’s time to unveil a myriad of grim secrets and come face to face with some of the most malevolent and magnificent monstrous creatures and beasts which have ever wandered this earth.

The call for heroes has been announced, will you be brave enough to answer? Discover a living realm of colossal Stone Trolls and elusive Japanese Baku’s, where the Tooth Fairy is real, but not as kind as you may think.

A sensational show for all ages, this spellbinding show brings mind-blowing puppetry and showmanship to Edinburgh this Fringe and pushes the boundaries of mythology to far-off realms most audiences may have only dreamed of, where Unicorns and Griffons walk amongst the Indrik and sleeping Dragons

11:20am (60 minutes) 3rd – 21st (not 10th or 17th) Aug 2022
Venue 302 – McEwan Hall, Bristo Square
Teviot Place, EH8 9AG

Tickets £16.00

Carnival of the Animals by Circa

Taking inspiration from Camille Saint-Saëns’ classical salute to the world of feathers, fur and slippers, Circa’s world-famous acrobatics and circus feats bring together their adoration for circus, music, and nature to present Carnival of the Animals.

Inspiring generations as they introduce some of the world’s finest examples of classical music and movement, circa seeks to whisk audiences from their seats and into the exhilarating world of the circus and escape from the humdrum around them.

So, enter a world where the Kangaroo skip and tumble, the Elephants have rhythm, and the Zebra’s possess more than stripes in this high-energy and unique adventure.

15.00pm (50 minutes) 5th – 28th (not 10th, 15th or 22nd) Aug 2022
Venue 73 – House of Oz
Kings Hall, EH8 9NZ

Tickets £16.00

Sean Choolburra: Didji and Dance

If you’re looking to expel some of the energy your little ones will gather from the seven-pound ice creams and baked potatoes the Fringe has to offer, then perhaps Sean Choolburra: Didji and Dance is precisely the way to shake off the energy. Lacing together traditional dance, storytelling, humour and the didgeridoo, encouraging the audience to sing, live and laugh alongside Sean.

Sean‘s professional career in dance has led to the creation of the Ngaru Dance Company, known for performing all over the world for audiences from all corners of life. And some of the little ones may even recognise Sean’s voice as Maynard, from the BBC’s Bluey.

11.30am (60 minutes) 6th – 21st Aug 2022
Venue 20 –
Assembly Rooms
54 George Street, EH2 2LR

Tickets: £10.50

Wee Seals and Selkies

Based on two of Janis Mackay’s loved books are two stories intertwined by their misconceptions and steeped history in Scottish folklore, The Wee Seal and The Selkie Girl come together in this delightful show for all which whisks together storytelling, music and performance to achieve an enchanting show, evoking the northern seashores of Scotland.

One is the true story of a young seal pup born in the garden of a Storyteller, the other an age-old tale of the magical Selkie myth. They are bought together, connected with fiddle music and traditional methods of storytelling to conjure an atmosphere of the sea and shore in the heart of Edinburgh’s city centre.

12.15pm (50 minutes) 4th – 28th (not 11th, 17th or 22nd) Aug 2022
Venue 30 – Scottish Storytelling Centre
43-45 High Street, EH1 1SR

Tickets £10.00


This absolutely charming piece from Daniel Padden, in co-production with Catherine Wheels and Red Bridge Arts, is as chaotic as it is triumphant in its exploration of adventure and music.

Come along on this musical adventure, as you’re encouraged to join on this mad adventure with four rather brave musicians and their thirty instruments to unearth and solve countless musical puzzles. Very much a piece for the entire family, Whirlygig is best admired in groups but more than welcoming for solo adventurers too. Join the crew as they turn theatre into a musical experience unlike any you’ve likely ever seen.

And if this hasn’t already won you over, then please consider having a read of our 2019 review of their previous performances at the Traverse Theatre here.

12.30pm (50 minutes) 11th – 21st (not 15th) Aug 2022
Venue 22 –
14-16 Grassmarket, EH1 2JU

Tickets £14.0

If you haven’t spotted your production – do not worry! We’re currently working our way through a huge backlog of requests, with many previews and Q & A’s lined up for the coming month. If you haven’t, please do get in touch through the contact page to feature in an upcoming ‘Have A Gander’


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