Austwentatious – Underbelly

★★★★ You’re invited to attend the social event of the season. And it’s going to be absolute chaos. Making name for infusing the prestige of Jane Austen with the improved tactics and sly humour of some of the nation’s best comics, Austentatious has continued to claim its crown as the Fringe’s favourite improvisation comedy and … Continue reading Austwentatious – Underbelly


Bianca Del Rio – Unsanitzed

★★★★ Review by Holly Hughes The winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 6 and all-around bitch, Bianca Del Rio graces the rabble of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the first time to spread her negativity to the masses in her sold-out show – Bianca Del Rio: Unsanitized. After two years stuck at home, the self-proclaimed … Continue reading Bianca Del Rio – Unsanitzed

Truth’s A Dog Must Kennel – Lyceum Theatre

Written by Tim Crouch Directed by Karl James and Andy Smith ★★★★★ It’s an odd feeling, writing your career obituary. But elements of writer and performer Tim Crouch’s Truth's A Dog Must Kennel undoubtedly conjures a more morose feeling of the Fringe’s (and Theatres) return and future – one of apprehension and squandered opportunity. One … Continue reading Truth’s A Dog Must Kennel – Lyceum Theatre

The Silent Treatment – Summerhall

Written by Sarah-Louise Young Directed by Sioned Jones ★★★★ It would seem singers and Mermaids have something in common: sometimes, it takes losing their voice to realise aspects they long forgot and push them to embark on an unexpected, though necessary journey. With loose tones of The Little Mermaid (with only an ounce of some … Continue reading The Silent Treatment – Summerhall

Eleanor Morton Has Peaked – Monkey Barrel

★★★★ Scottish comic Eleanor Morton returns to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival after finding a larger audience and internet success during the pandemic. The Edinburgh native has over 150 thousand followers and 2.6 million likes on TikTok, best known for her grumpy tour guide “Craig” skits. During the pandemic, she climbed the Schiehallion Munro mountain, almost … Continue reading Eleanor Morton Has Peaked – Monkey Barrel