The Bank Where You Ex Works – Greenside @ Nicholson Square

Created & Performed by Sophie Keeble and Martha Heasman

Rating: 5 out of 5.

No Plan Needed Theatre Company presented The Bank Where Your Ex Works as part of a showcase of work by graduates of the University of Worcester’s Integrated Masters in Touring Theatre. This farcical comedy follows Rory and Spencer, portrayed by Martha Heasman and Sophie Keeble respectively, through a comical series of hijinks.

Rory and Spencer are in a happy relationship and Rory is excited to bring Spencer back to the pub where they had their first date and propose. However, Spencer can’t seem to stop bringing up their ex. According to Spencer, the obvious logical step is to set up a double date with the ex in question… but why does that require a bank heist?

Heasman’s excellent characterisation of Rory makes the role relatable with a pedantic and sarcastic sense of humour that bounces excellently off Keeble’s Spencer and helps encourage the audience’s investment in their relationship. The personalities of the characters are developed to contrast well with one another with Spencer’s ignorance of the situation lending itself well to an extended sequence of Rory valiantly trying, and failing, to propose.

Both performers show well-tuned comedic timing throughout the production, with good use of pauses and props to support the narrative and build suspense. Heasman and Keeble’s physicality in this slapstick comedy is the key to success, and it is surely achieved, with highlights such as the laser grid dance and bicycle sequence.

The transitions between past and present, between the settings of the pub and bank, are completed smoothly using visual and lighting cues to ensure the audience is always aware of the ongoing setting.

The Bank Where Your Ex Works succeeds in presenting a somewhat morally grey comedic quest for love with a believable relationship dynamic, entertaining running jokes, an intriguing plot twist and, most importantly, false moustaches.

‘Farce with intriguing plot’

The Bank Where Your Ex Works’ run has concluded, but further information and links to the company’s socials can be found here.

By Mhairi Sime


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