Ane City – Assembly Roxy

Written by Taylor Dyson

Directed by Calum Kelly

Runs at Assembly Roxy, August 10th – 26th, 14.20pm

Dundee. Home of Jam, Jute and Journalism. It also just so happens to have the highest cases of drug-death in Europe. Austerity, lowest life-expectancy in Western Europe and yet, a fiercely proud city, in its way.

Drawing inspiration from the town’s motto; ‘Ane City, Many Discoveries’, Taylor Dyson writes about coping with an identity crisis – something concerning a growing number of young adults today, particularly those from a working-class background.

On a night out in Dundee, finally able to catch up with her pals, Taylor finds herself a stranger in her homeland. Disconnecting with her sister, missing out on her friend’s latest stories, but cannot return to her destructive life in Glasgow.

Once you fly the nest, can you ever return home? If you do, chances are it won’t be the same. It’s a bard’s tale, Dyson relying on her uncanny abilities in rhyme and verse with excellently explosive vocals.

If at any point you thought you could miss Fatties, The Overgate or even nights outside Seagate bus station – I’d have said you’re mad. Dyson describes the city of discovery with the honesty it deserves, Hilltown n’ all. Deeply personal, there are no falsehoods to Ane City, putting its heart on the table.

Taking inspiration from ABBA, Ane City’s soundtrack comprises parodies of famous tunes with Dyson’s wording to tie it into the narrative. Vocally, she has an aggressive, emotive voice which is perfect for the tone. Accompanying her is guitarist, also director, Calum Kelly, earning his keep with a pleasant score.

Freshly grown Elfie Picket Theatre are hitting the scene with bold-personal ideas. Despite the flowing language, a grasp of which is enviable for most spoken word performers, it feels loose. Promising strands misalign, the context of jokes will be lost to some, even if the intention is noble.

What is clear is the fiery, artistic anger of the artistic merits of working-class women who deserve to have the chance to strikeout. It isn’t always perfect, but Ane City has a prevailing start, which glints at the company which will take no prisoners and put their spoken word to the people.

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