The Adventures of Curious Ganz – Assembly Roxy

"Little Angel Theatre spins wood, plastic and string into storytelling gold"

Suffering from Scottishness – Assembly Roxy

Written by Kevin P Gilday Runs at Assembly Roxy until August 26th (Not 13th or 20th), 17.10pm Irn Bru, Grand Theft Auto, Nessie, Haggis, the Telephone, Lewis Capaldi, Pride, Sense of Humour and the highest drug death rate in Western Europe Annie Lennox. With all of these things, why the hell wouldn’t you want to … Continue reading Suffering from Scottishness – Assembly Roxy

Ane City – Assembly Roxy

Written by Taylor Dyson Directed by Calum Kelly Runs at Assembly Roxy, August 10th - 26th, 14.20pm Dundee. Home of Jam, Jute and Journalism. It also just so happens to have the highest cases of drug-death in Europe. Austerity, lowest life-expectancy in Western Europe and yet, a fiercely proud city, in its way. Drawing inspiration … Continue reading Ane City – Assembly Roxy