Sweet F.A – Tynecastle Park

Written by Paul Beeson and Tim Barrow Directed by Bruce Strachan ★★★★ Earlier this year across Scotland, thousands of fans descended into the streets to celebrate the Scottish team qualifying for the European Championship for the first time in nearly twenty-five years. Chaos broke out, restrictions were violated, and a debate surrounding the beautiful game … Continue reading Sweet F.A – Tynecastle Park


Armour: A Herstory of the Scottish Bard

Book, Music & Lyrics: Shonagh Murray Featuring works by Robert Burns Girls sent away from their Fathers, widows sitting in the shadows of their husbands and a mistress hiding her adoration, knowing to reveal her history would ruin her – there is little wonder women fashion themselves an armour. Rabbie Burns, epitome of lyrical writing, … Continue reading Armour: A Herstory of the Scottish Bard

Myra Dubois: Dead Funny – Underbelly Bristo Square

"Putting the fun into funeral, Myra DuBois makes death look like a party"

Crocodile Fever – Traverse Theatre

https://youtu.be/m4bW8kZaZCI Written by Meghan Tyler Directed by Gareth Nicholls To be blunt, Crocodile Fever is a smack in the face in all of the best ways possible. Dark, hilarious, violent, gruesome, wholesome and a clusterfuck of religious iconography and blasphemy – and you have to get behind every second. It's a story of sisterhood; a portrayal of a timeless … Continue reading Crocodile Fever – Traverse Theatre

Arrivals – The Space on The Mile

Written by Douglas Thomson Directed by Sarah Mason We’ve all done it, right, wake up with a raging hangover, not entirely sure of where we are and how we got there? Not sure how many of us have awoken in a Budapest airport, but I’m confident at least two of us have. For Tony, this … Continue reading Arrivals – The Space on The Mile