Bugsy Malone: The Musical – Edinburgh Playhouse

https://youtu.be/hlijaVOFuwE Written by Alan Parker Words and Music by Paul Williams Directed by Sean Holmes ★★★★ What gives? We were told there was a real nice speakeasy around this joint. And instead, what presents audiences as they walk into the Edinburgh Playhouse Theatre is a melancholy of monochrome, a soft tune humming in the background … Continue reading Bugsy Malone: The Musical – Edinburgh Playhouse

Legally Blonde – Churchill Theatre

Music & Lyrics by Laurence O'Keefe and Nell Benjamin Book by Heather Hach Directed by Dominic Lewis ★★★★★ Allegro Musical Theatre sits among the very best of Edinburgh’s grassroots theatrical societies. And to refer to them as an amateur production company, while technically accurate, would somewhat diminish the quality of their latest production – Legally Blonde. … Continue reading Legally Blonde – Churchill Theatre

The Gang Show – Festival Theatre

Directed by Andy Johnston Musical Direction by Andrew Thomson ★★★ It just hasn’t been the same without them. Relocating from their traditional home at The King’s Theatre whilst it undergoes restoration, The Gang Show finds itself upon the Festival Theatre stage until Saturday, and even with the upscale venue size – it’s only just big … Continue reading The Gang Show – Festival Theatre

A New Life – Traverse Theatre

Directed, Composed and Written by Andy McGregor ★★★ Parenthood’s a bit like a dance. Just as you think you’ve got all the steps down - you end up on your arse. And no matter how hard you try not to compare, it looks like everyone else is just getting the beats faster than you, better … Continue reading A New Life – Traverse Theatre

Crocodile Rock – Traverse Theatre

Directed, Composed, and Written by Andy McGregor ★★★ In Millport, there’s a rock shaped like a Crocodile. Spoilers, that’s where Andy McGregor gets the title for their comedic and heartfelt musical from. And this rock, projected onto Kenny Miller’s set dressing, hides Stephen Arden, star of this musical extravaganza, as he waits to share his … Continue reading Crocodile Rock – Traverse Theatre