Jeremy Sassoon Mojo – Assembly Checkpoint

Performed by Jeremy Sassoon, Nicola Farnon, and Phil Johnson

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Piano Man returns – Internationally renowned singer-pianist Jeremy Sassoon brings their canny talents with tickling ivories to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Raising a glass, or several, to the icons and influencers of the world of music, Jeremey Sassoon’s Mojo is a love letter of sorts and a thank you to the singer-songwriters of Jewish origin, from the defining era of Gershwin to the undeniable brilliance of Carole King, and the late, contemporary genius Amy Winehouse. They’ve got their Mojo ready, do you?

Traversing the landscape of musicians of Jewish origin, largely chronologically, be prepared to hear some mighty familiar masterpieces, a few festive treats in mid-August, and a few numbers you didn’t expect to bust out the lighter over. Sassoon’s humour and anecdotes never overstep the mark, serving as timely fillers between song sets, and offering significantly engaging and uplifting insights to the cultural juggernauts who composed, performed, and belted our favourite numbers.

Effortlessly guiding the hutzpah through the venue Sassoon deserves a sell-out every night. Rarely is such a keen cultural element woven so naturally through a gig format performance. Joined onstage by the splendid vocals of Nicola Farnon, and the antics of drummer Phil Johnson, Mojo is a homely and welcoming environment with a keener interest in respecting and continuing the legacies which have come before, rather than shaking the boat.

From a one-week run in 2021 to a full month season this year, Mojo brings all the moxie and celebration one would expect from a distinguished entertainer such as Sassoon. But what audiences will hopefully leave with, besides their foot-tapping reminders, is a newfound appreciation for some of the industry’s most iconic musicians and their roots within the Jewish theology. Give over to the melody, mix that tonic and gin, and allow yourself to find a superb hour away from the humdrum and overly saturated nature of the Fringe to appreciate something quite magical.

‘The Piano-man is back’

Runs at Assembly Checkpoint until August 28th

Tickets for which may be obtained here.


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