Brassed Off – Church Hill Theatre

Written by Paul Allen Directed by Jacqueline Wheble ★★★★ A choice between eating and heating. Fishing for coins down the sofa to pay the gas and the constant threat of unemployment and rising costs. Sounds all too familiar. Paul Allen’s 1998 stage adaptation of Mark Herman’s screenplay for the 1996 film Brassed Off manages one of the … Continue reading Brassed Off – Church Hill Theatre


Rambert: Peaky Blinders – Festival Theatre Written by Steven Knight Directed & Choreographed by Benoit Swan Pouffer   ★★★★ The Festival Theatre is under new management folks, and they’re not the type you’d want to raise a complaint with. Not that you’d have any with the venue’s newest show, as Edinburgh welcomes the highly anticipated Rambert’s Peaky Blinders: The Redemption of Thomas … Continue reading Rambert: Peaky Blinders – Festival Theatre

The Verdi Collection – Usher Hall

Musical Direction and Conduction by Stuart Stratford ★★★★ When the pomp and visage of opera rein in, and the lavish nature of sets, costumes and lighting make way for the humbleness of the heart of it all: the music, something quite remarkable can happen. And that’s precisely what occurred at the Usher Hall on Saturday, … Continue reading The Verdi Collection – Usher Hall

Into the Long Green Jaws – Fruitmarket

Music by Long Green Jaws Produced by Róisín O'Brien ★★★★ If you’ve grown up on the coast, you’ll understand Into The Long Green Jaws within moments. And it isn’t even the tinkling metal fish, or the re-purposed razor clams, nor even the nautical paraphernalia and more obvious elements: it’s the tangibility of the sound.Long Green Jaws, a performance … Continue reading Into the Long Green Jaws – Fruitmarket

Have A Gander – The Scottish International Storytelling Festival II

This year’s Scottish International Storytelling Festival saw dozens upon hundreds of shows, events, and workshops occur across Edinburgh - with over one hundred of these free across the city. A wealth of theatrical and performance-orientated events took place at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, a hub for diverse creativity to flourish and nurture its emerging ideas. … Continue reading Have A Gander – The Scottish International Storytelling Festival II