The Silent Treatment – Summerhall

Written by Sarah-Louise Young Directed by Sioned Jones ★★★★ It would seem singers and Mermaids have something in common: sometimes, it takes losing their voice to realise aspects they long forgot and push them to embark on an unexpected, though necessary journey. With loose tones of The Little Mermaid (with only an ounce of some … Continue reading The Silent Treatment – Summerhall

Rob Madge: My Son’s a Queer (But What Can You Do) – Underbelly

Created by Robert Madge ★★★★★ You’ve likely already seen the cute videos of the young kid, recreating the over-commercialised Magical wonder of Disney in their living room. For shame if not - in the videos of Robert Madge, Mickey Mouse signs autographs, Belle finds their Beast, Bert misses his cue, and Maleficent is once again … Continue reading Rob Madge: My Son’s a Queer (But What Can You Do) – Underbelly

The Pulse – Edinburgh Playhouse Directed by Darcy Grant ★★★★★ Never has the Playhouse space felt so fully utilised and understood, then with this valuable display of the power and synchronicity of the mortal machine. Produced by the contemporary Australian circus group Gravity & Other Myths, The Pulse takes a loud and thrilling place as a remarkably visceral piece … Continue reading The Pulse – Edinburgh Playhouse

ROOM – King’s Theatre

Created, Directed and Composed by James Thierrée  ★★★★★ So then, what’s this all about? Ask us later. But on the idea of ‘narrative’, there is obvious relevance to the mind of the auteur, to the creative process, and the eternal struggle of framing things precisely how we envisage. All we need to know is that … Continue reading ROOM – King’s Theatre

Jeremy Sassoon Mojo – Assembly Checkpoint

Performed by Jeremy Sassoon, Nicola Farnon, and Phil Johnson ★★★★ The Piano Man returns - Internationally renowned singer-pianist Jeremy Sassoon brings their canny talents with tickling ivories to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Raising a glass, or several, to the icons and influencers of the world of music, Jeremey Sassoon’s Mojo is a love letter of … Continue reading Jeremy Sassoon Mojo – Assembly Checkpoint