Jennie Lee: Tomorrow is a New Day – Preview

As the country comes to grips with the perplexing difficulties it finds itself in – there is no understatement in highlight the lack of funding the arts, and there is undoubtedly one woman who would have had plenty to say regarding the struggles the industry finds itself suffering.

The first-ever Minister for the Arts, Jennie Lee – the daughter of a miner, a working-class woman from fife would go on to be a founder for the Open University. Written by Matthew Knights, and directed by Emma Lynne Harley, Jennie Lee: Tomorrow is a New Day is performed by a team of creatives who never met the woman but live in an industry shaped by her ambitions to challenge expectations and injustices.

 In an age where the viability of the arts is unscrupulously called into question, and while contemporary politics continues its attempted meddling within the sector which best exposes their short-fallings, production companies like Knight’s Theatre’s seek to maintain this nation’s extensive history political theatre. Challenging societal expectations, injustices and creating contemporary pieces which pay nods to our cultural history.

The rehearsed reading will be available to watch live on Thursday, October 22nd at 7 pm. Tickets are available from Event Brite here.

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