Gatsby: A New Musical – Paradise at Augustine

Directed by Helen Brown Musical Direction by John Moore Choreography by Sian Archer ★★★★ “Amid the whispering and the champagne and the stars.” No stranger to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Shrewsbury has brought original musicals to the Fringe for over 25 years. Now, they bring their talented young cast back for the Fringe's 75th anniversary … Continue reading Gatsby: A New Musical – Paradise at Augustine

She Wolf – Assembly Roxy

Written by Isla Cowan Directed by Joanna Bowman ★★★★ Our ancient connection with lycanthropic tendencies to express raw and primal rages fuses with ease to critique our socioeconomic and systemically alienating class system and gender studies. We’ve all wanted to howl with anger, and now, unable to hold back any longer – the restrictions of … Continue reading She Wolf – Assembly Roxy

Ghost Therapy – ZOO Playground

Written & Directed by Jaz Skingle ★★★ Do you suffer from low self-esteem? Addiction troubles? Perhaps you have a complex relationship with your family who treat you as something opaque, not quite there. Or maybe, just maybe, you have an irrational fear of feathery fowl. It might please you to know that in death, these … Continue reading Ghost Therapy – ZOO Playground

Happy Meal – Traverse Theatre

Written by Tabby Lamb Directed by Jamie Fletcher ★★★★ The idiom of a ‘voice of a generation' comes with a lot of flak but is possibly the most refreshing and kindest way – Tabby Lamb’s Happy Meal is precisely the voice of a generation, one of social media’s explosive impact, and the homogenising of Trans rights, lives, and the … Continue reading Happy Meal – Traverse Theatre

Oedipus Electronica – Pleasance Courtyard Written & Directed by Mella Faye Music by Pecho Mama (Don Bird, Mella Faye, Alex Stanford) ★★★★★ A Greek Tragedy isn’t meant to be a pleasant journey. The name gives it away a tad. And yet, the pleasure extracted from well-performed bouts of misery or grave devastation can, if handled correctly, provide a wealth … Continue reading Oedipus Electronica – Pleasance Courtyard