Ghost Therapy – ZOO Playground

Written & Directed by Jaz Skingle ★★★ Do you suffer from low self-esteem? Addiction troubles? Perhaps you have a complex relationship with your family who treat you as something opaque, not quite there. Or maybe, just maybe, you have an irrational fear of feathery fowl. It might please you to know that in death, these … Continue reading Ghost Therapy – ZOO Playground

Happy Meal – Traverse Theatre

Written by Tabby Lamb Directed by Jamie Fletcher ★★★★ The idiom of a ‘voice of a generation' comes with a lot of flak but is possibly the most refreshing and kindest way – Tabby Lamb’s Happy Meal is precisely the voice of a generation, one of social media’s explosive impact, and the homogenising of Trans rights, lives, and the … Continue reading Happy Meal – Traverse Theatre

Oedipus Electronica – Pleasance Courtyard Written & Directed by Mella Faye Music by Pecho Mama (Don Bird, Mella Faye, Alex Stanford) ★★★★★ A Greek Tragedy isn’t meant to be a pleasant journey. The name gives it away a tad. And yet, the pleasure extracted from well-performed bouts of misery or grave devastation can, if handled correctly, provide a wealth … Continue reading Oedipus Electronica – Pleasance Courtyard

I Hope Your Flowers Bloom – Village Storytelling Festival

Created By Ramond Wilson ★★★★ There’s something to be learned from the plants, among the most ancient of creatures on this Earth, and their infinite affinities within literature, semiotic shortcuts and powerful imagery tools. Raymond Wilson taps into the archaic nature of our green-leaved neighbours to tell a tale of contemporary relationships and self-care - … Continue reading I Hope Your Flowers Bloom – Village Storytelling Festival

Underwood Lane – Johnstone Town Hall

Written by John Byrne Directed by Andy Arnold ★★★ Love, life, death, and a poke of chips; it’s the 60s in Scotland, West Coast Johnstone and Paisley, where the weather is temperamental, and the unshackled restrictions and attitudes of the Swinging Sixties hadn’t quite made it north of the border. But there was one thing … Continue reading Underwood Lane – Johnstone Town Hall