Once Upon a Snowstorm – Traverse Theatre

https://youtu.be/ZDXKsO7A_dU Written by Richard Johnson Adapted and Directed by Jo Timmins ★★★★ Traditionally, the Traverse Theatre steers away from the obligatory forms of Christmas productions, though many still skirt the edges of wintery or differing end-of-year customs. Continuing a break from the influx of Yule-time-infused shows across Edinburgh, Once Upon a Snowstorm presents a clean and simple … Continue reading Once Upon a Snowstorm – Traverse Theatre

The Snow Queen – Festival Theatre

https://youtu.be/R-SFzgHlMSs Choreography by Christopher Hampson  Composition by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov  ★★★★ In the intrusive darkness, something magical glitters in the Festival Theatre stage light. Amidst the protrusions of silhouetted ice, a familiar being stirs triumphantly again after a three-year slumber away from the stage. Scottish Ballet makes a grand return to the Christmas season, with an … Continue reading The Snow Queen – Festival Theatre