Macbeth (An Undoing) – Royal Lyceum Theatre

Written and Directed by Zinnie Harris Set Design by Tom Piper ★★★★ Lady Macbeth is the theatrical matriarch of antagonism: manipulative and sly, brilliant and controlled - yet her place within the second act is eclipsed by the men strutting with their swords out. But why? Why does a woman who displays little to no … Continue reading Macbeth (An Undoing) – Royal Lyceum Theatre


An Edinburgh Christmas Carol – Royal Lyceum Theatre

From the Novel by Charles Dickens Adapted and Directed by Tony Cownie ★★★★ The ghost of an idea. This is how Dickens described his significant contribution to the literary and cultural world, particularly as we enter the final days of the year. A story which takes the spectres of remorse, redemption, and guilt and channels … Continue reading An Edinburgh Christmas Carol – Royal Lyceum Theatre

Jinnistan – Traverse Theatre

Written by Taqi Nazeer Directed by Niloo Farr Khan ★★★★ The Jinn, or perhaps you’re more familiar with the term Djinn or anglicized and generic term Genie, are beings of near-impenetrable veils, unlikely to ever be seen but always felt. The power and faith behind these pre-Islamic spirits are no less revered or impactful than … Continue reading Jinnistan – Traverse Theatre

The Enemy – King’s Theatre Directed by Finn Dern Hertog Written by Kieran Hurley (After Henrik Ibsen's An Enemy of the People) ★★★★ Gentrifying urban spaces from lower-income areas is a wearying, complex and often a begrudging transformative aspect of contemporary Scotland. With various communities underfunded, underpopulated and a shadow of their once-proud market or port days, incoming businesses … Continue reading The Enemy – King’s Theatre