We Summon the Darkness – Review

https://youtu.be/ChksJ8AL9Lk Directed by Marc Meyers USA/ 2019/ 91 mins ★★ Satanists get a bit of a bad reputation, don’t they? Whether it’s John Carpenter’s hideously underappreciated Prince of Darkness, or the more recent The Blackcoat’s Daughter, the blurring of humanity and its association with the Devil is as ancient a narrative tool as possible. Then there were … Continue reading We Summon the Darkness – Review


Hitch Hike to Hell

https://youtu.be/QZTiAZ3kHUA Written by John Buckley Directed by Irvine Berwick Ah, the exploitation genre of cinema. A bounty of films which attempt success, or creativity, through touchy, niche or even lurid events and narratives. They often range from B-movie schlock to the entertaining and even impressive in design, to the downright absurdly offensive in how little … Continue reading Hitch Hike to Hell