Counting and Cracking – Lyceum Theatre Written and Associate Direction by S. Shakthidharan Director and Associate Writing by Eamon Flack ★★★★★ Without a steady foot on the ground, two young lovers’ cross paths one late night/early morning – neither with any roots within their place of study in New South Wales. Sat beneath the still warm night sky, under a … Continue reading Counting and Cracking – Lyceum Theatre


Red Ellen – Royal Lyceum Theatre

Written by Caroline Bird Directed by Wils Wilson ★★★ The eve of Local Council Elections in the UK seems a rather fitting time for the opening of Caroline Bird’s semi-biography of revolutionary activist and parliamentary political shaker-upper Ellen Wilkinson at the Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh. And though Red Ellen, Labour MP who staunchly opposed the party's luke-warm indifference … Continue reading Red Ellen – Royal Lyceum Theatre

The Scent of Roses – Royal Lyceum Theatre

Written & Directed by Zinnie Harris ★★★★ A lie is the most considerably ruthless tool we possess. One glance across the sorry state of affairs makes this obvious, where the truth shall set you free, but a lie maintains governance: Tell a lie; apologise. Better yet – tell a lie; tell another. The narrative is … Continue reading The Scent of Roses – Royal Lyceum Theatre

Christmas Dinner – Royal Lyceum theatre

Written by Robert Alan Evans Directed by Gill Robertson ★★★★ This time of year is complex. For as much as we adore Christmas and suffered with the break from traditional Festive gatherings and parties (well, some of us did…) - one cannot blame those who perhaps wish that Christmas was cancelled. From the busy schedules … Continue reading Christmas Dinner – Royal Lyceum theatre

Lament for Sheku Bayoh – Edinburgh International Festival Written & Directed by Hannah Lavery ★★★★★ Scotland is notable for a friendly attitude towards everyone - a land thought of as a home for any. But within a nation in which cities were built on the broken backs of slaves, where the train rides home and its politicians open their mouths and spew … Continue reading Lament for Sheku Bayoh – Edinburgh International Festival