Dragons and Mythical Beasts – Underbelly

Written by Derek Bond Directed by Derek Bond and Laura Cubitt ★★★★ Hear ye, hear ye, all brave knights and heroes assemble for the finest adventure of their lives! Come face to face with some of folklore's most magnificently majestic monsters and spectacular beasts to grace the earth with their presence. Join Dave (Ben Galpin) … Continue reading Dragons and Mythical Beasts – Underbelly

Bianca Del Rio – Edinburgh International Conference Centre

★★★★★ It’s an underrated skill, to hate with such impunity. It would kill a lesser person. But tonight, you might just be witnessing the next stage of humanity, the paradigm of insult and politically incorrect comedy from the someone who is an absolute (self-processed so we can say this) cunt delight. If there’s a hero … Continue reading Bianca Del Rio – Edinburgh International Conference Centre

Sandcastles – Assembly Front Room

Written by Steve McMahon Directed by Kolbrún Björt Sigfúsdóttir ★★★ Time and memory are fleeting – our most prized commodities, and in hindsight, their turbulent presence plays havoc with regret. Beth is moving to New York. Hannah should be happy for her, but she struggles. When Beth goes missing, Hannah struggles to reconcile with her … Continue reading Sandcastles – Assembly Front Room

Famous Puppet Deaths – Assembly Roxy

Directed by Peter Balkwill, Pityu Kenderes, Judd Palmer ★★★★ Yes. The title tells you everything you need to know. A series of vignettes, complete with traditional ramped Punch and Judy structure, Famous Puppet Death Scenes grasps a tight hold of the jugular and refuses to relinquish its grasp until the closing moments. Nothing is sacred … Continue reading Famous Puppet Deaths – Assembly Roxy

Blood and Gold – Royal Lyceum Theatre

Written by Mara Menzies Directed by Isla Menzies ★★★★ In 2019, Scottish-Kenyan creative Mara Menzies' pure artistry debuted at the Scottish Storytelling Centre. Weaving a brightly shining tapestry of storytelling narrative, Menzies draws on her Scottish and Kenyan heritage, threading together ancient mythology with a contemporary narrative and understanding of Scotland’s continued ignorance of its … Continue reading Blood and Gold – Royal Lyceum Theatre