Birdie – MANIPULATE 2023

Produced by Agruación Señor Serrano Created by Álex Serrano, Pau Palacios and Ferran Dorda ★★★ With the sixteenth edition of Edinburgh’s stupendously inventive, diverse and creative visual storytelling festival MANIPULATE underway, Capital Theatre’s The Studio offers a fond welcome return to the Barcelona-based theatre company Señor Serrano, whose previous 2017 MANIPULATE piece A House In Asia became … Continue reading Birdie – MANIPULATE 2023


Like Flying – National Theatre of Scotland

Creative Lead by Nic Green Movement Direction by All or Nothing ★★★★★ How we perceive our environment has a tremendous effect on our mental health. The tiny details we concern ourselves with are usually minuscule compared to the bigger picture, so could an alternative perspective improve our mental health, anxieties and expectations? How about literally soaring … Continue reading Like Flying – National Theatre of Scotland

Loud Poets – Scottish Storytelling Centre

Hosted by Kevin Mclean They’re back. There’s no pomp or pretension; what Loud Poets does from the onset is encourage and offer inspiration to audiences who perhaps wish to find a footing within the spoken word community or want to appreciate it. There’s no lingering start, no extended explanations or push for interactivity; from the onset host … Continue reading Loud Poets – Scottish Storytelling Centre

Have A Gander – Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022 Circus

Come one, come all - it's time to enjoy the finest feast in town, celebrate with a festival of joviality, movement, and the ancient art of the circus. The unsung hero of The Meadows, the death-defying acrobatics and the humble art of the jester, the Festival Fringe Circus events are an often enjoyed but never … Continue reading Have A Gander – Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022 Circus

Have A Gander – Edinburgh International Festival 2022 Another birthday this year - this time for the respectable and creative juggernaut, which is the world-leading Edinburgh International Festival. Going from strength to strength, the EIF turns 75 this year alongside its Fringe and Film siblings. For three weeks through August, the city of Edinburgh becomes an unrivalled hub for the performing arts, … Continue reading Have A Gander – Edinburgh International Festival 2022