Puss in Moon Boots – Sleeping Trees

https://youtu.be/tkSs327MXjg Written by Sleeping Trees and Ben Hales Directed by Kerry Frampton ★★★ Reindeer? Check. Mince Pies? Burned. Stockings? Stuffed. Pet cat in Moon Boots? Wait… The festive staples are rolling out once more; when every town has their Pantomime, every village hall their Christmas Carol, and every online producer their festive non-commercialised special. Here, Sleeping … Continue reading Puss in Moon Boots – Sleeping Trees


Ashens and the Polybius Heist – Review

https://youtu.be/9Hq0Zm-sv4Y Directed by Riyad Barmania Written by Stuart Ashen 2020/ UK/ 99 mins ★★★★ Gaming culture is far from a contemporary notion, but browse the sock section of any Primark, and you’ll realise the marketability has skyrocketed for ‘mainstream’ audiences. For decades mysteries and rumours have circulated the industry, none quite as perversely believable than … Continue reading Ashens and the Polybius Heist – Review

Shrapnel – Production Lines

Written by Claire Wood Directed by Alan Patterson & Claire Wood ★★★ It hasn’t been an easy time for anyone. In particular health workers, the vulnerable and those who have tragically lost loved ones and financial security. Life, however, endeavours no matter how different it may feel. One person’s ups and downs correlate to the … Continue reading Shrapnel – Production Lines

Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer – White Cobra

Written by Peter Drake Directed by Fraser Haines ★★★ Bookclubs sound rather fun, don’t they? Or at least, the idea of them does. Gathering with a bunch of friends, acquaintances and potential strangers, to chat about something for a few hours and lock away the pangs of regular life (and we hear wine is often … Continue reading Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer – White Cobra

The Merry Wives of Windsor – The Globe Theatre

https://youtu.be/sq7UwUtfCTY Written by William Shakespeare Directed by Elle While ★★★ The bard’s only comedy set in England The Merry Wives of Windsor serves to demonstrate the futility in revenge, jealousy, and shares in delight for sarcasm, farcical humour, and a scandal. Falstaff, the same but considerably different Falstaff of Henry IV fame now finds himself lusting for Margaret Page … Continue reading The Merry Wives of Windsor – The Globe Theatre