She Wolf – Assembly Roxy

Written by Isla Cowan Directed by Joanna Bowman ★★★★ Our ancient connection with lycanthropic tendencies to express raw and primal rages fuses with ease to critique our socioeconomic and systemically alienating class system and gender studies. We’ve all wanted to howl with anger, and now, unable to hold back any longer – the restrictions of … Continue reading She Wolf – Assembly Roxy


Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Lipstick, Ketchup and Blood – Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Written by Arthur Conan Doyle Adapted by Lesley Hart Directed by Marc Small ★★★ Everything seems by the books: the Deer stalkers, the accent and delivery, the corpse located near a scrawled ‘RACHE’ – that is, until we note the Ketchup blood stains. We dare say it to be Elementary of sorts, in what at first unfolds … Continue reading Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Lipstick, Ketchup and Blood – Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Pleasure – Edinburgh Filmhouse Written & Directed by Ninja Thyberg 2021/ Sweden/ 109 mins ★★★★ Indulgence is the essence of porn; so many categories, so little time. It’s a broad and diverse subject matter to tackle for the debut feature from Swedish filmmaker Ninja Thyberg, and the narrative won’t be for all (audiences are likely to react to … Continue reading Pleasure – Edinburgh Filmhouse

WOODED – Assembly Roxy

Written by Cara Wilson, Ella Hällgren, Carly Wilson & Tanyaradzwa Gimani ★★★ There’s something about the woods, a land where stories are forged and mistakes made. An aspect of the direct connection with something earthen, and primal, brings out a mechanic of the emotional connection we often lose within the confines of concrete and glass … Continue reading WOODED – Assembly Roxy

Though This Be Madness – The Studio Written by Skye Loneragan Composed by Mairi Campbell BSL Interpretation by Yvonne Waddell ★★★★★ Stay on the Ball. Stay on the Ball… With a determination to soothe her baby, surrounded by the chaos of new parenthood, Skye Loneragan weaves the act of settling her new daughter with exploring the various difficulties and distractions which … Continue reading Though This Be Madness – The Studio