Moonset – Traverse Theatre

Written by Maryam Hamidi Directed by Joanna Bowman ★★★★ Secrets are one of the most toxic things we preserve. But also one of the few things we have autonomy over: ours to control. And when we don’t have control or an understanding over ourselves, well, they become a toxic lifeline. One of the country's most … Continue reading Moonset – Traverse Theatre


The Last Witch – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Writer: Rona Munro Director: Richard Baron Janet Horne, the last woman to be legally executed in the British Isles, arrested in Dornoch Scotland is the subject of Rona Munro’s The Last Witch. Alone with her claw-handed daughter, Janet fends for the pair in the Highlands. Her charms, herbal remedies and manipulation tricks those into offering scraps … Continue reading The Last Witch – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh