The Last Return – Traverse Theatre Written by Sonya Kelly Directed by Sara Joyce ★★★★ We’re renowned for it; queuing. We’re rather good at following orders in this country; an understanding of the unwritten doctrine of etiquette and ensuring others who perhaps don’t grasp the concept are made aware of how things are done here. There are no favours, no … Continue reading The Last Return – Traverse Theatre

Psychodrama – Traverse Theatre Written and Directed by Matt Wilkinson ★★★★★ “What he did was not just a crime against humanity… it was a crime against Theatre”. So, the question is, what the hell did he do? In this remarkably astute one-woman monologue, performed by Emily Bruni, age is the unfortunate reminding factor – inescapable for a once … Continue reading Psychodrama – Traverse Theatre

Screen 9 – Edinburgh International Conference Centre

Written & Directed by Kate Barton ★★★★ If one were to google the 2012 Aurora, Colorado shooting, or more grotesquely known as the Batman shootings, a name would emerge. This is not the name to remember - this is the name to dismiss, reject and strike from history. The names of the twelve victims, and … Continue reading Screen 9 – Edinburgh International Conference Centre

The Birthday Cake – Review Directed by Jimmy Giannopoulos Written by Jimmy Giannopolous, Diomedes Raul Bermudez & Shiloh Fernandez USA/ 2021/ 93 mins ★★ amily is everything to the Mob. It’s the age-old rule of what not to touch – and precisely where to hurt someone the most. A gangster flick concealing an attempted family drama, director Jimmy Giannopoulo … Continue reading The Birthday Cake – Review

Here Are The Young Men – Review Directed by Eion Macken Ireland USA/ 2020/96 mins ★★ Unable to separate itself from the distinctly obvious inspirations of Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting, Here Are The Young Men lowers the age of the principal cast and centres on three lads finishing school and emerging into the cruel and waiting world. The transgression of youth is a staple of cinematic … Continue reading Here Are The Young Men – Review