The Verdi Collection – Usher Hall

Musical Direction and Conduction by Stuart Stratford ★★★★ When the pomp and visage of opera rein in, and the lavish nature of sets, costumes and lighting make way for the humbleness of the heart of it all: the music, something quite remarkable can happen. And that’s precisely what occurred at the Usher Hall on Saturday, … Continue reading The Verdi Collection – Usher Hall


Women in Parliament – Lauriston Hall

Original Play - Aristophanes New Translation by Andrew Wilson Stage Director and Design by Michael Scott Tickets available for June 27th and 28th from Usher Hall at: In translating, an impressive feat, to begin with, Andrew Wilson does an exceptional job in capturing the original structure, satire and levity of Aristophanes Ecclesiazusae or Women … Continue reading Women in Parliament – Lauriston Hall

Glòir @ The Usher Hall

Led by the Massed Gaelic Choirs of Scotland Over fifty thousand individuals reportedly speak Gaelic throughout Scotland. As an indigenous language, it’s official status is not recognised by either the UK nor European Union, though thanks to the Gaelic Language (Scotland) 2005 Act it is here, to an extent. Attempts to revitalise it’s use are … Continue reading Glòir @ The Usher Hall

Silvano: Scottish Opera @ Usher Hall

Image Contribution:Paul Foster - Williams Composer: Pietro Mascagni Musical Director: Stuart Stratford Adapted from Alphonse Karr’s novel, Pietro Mascagni composed Silvano as a two-act opera in 1895. The seafaring drama is, well, precisely that. At its core is a love-triangle, and we all know how those end. Set against a fishing town on the Adriatic coast, young … Continue reading Silvano: Scottish Opera @ Usher Hall