Protest – The Studio, Potterrow

Written by Hannah Lavery Directed by Natalie Ibu ★★★ The significant power of young voices is central in this year’s Imaginate programmes, and arguably no other production captures this messaging better than Lavery’s commissioned Protest. Commissioned and backed by Fuel, Imaginate, National Theatre of Scotland and Northern Stage, Protest captures the innocent nature of playground politics, … Continue reading Protest – The Studio, Potterrow


Love the Sinner

Written and Performed by Imogen Stirling Directed by Matthew Lenton ★★★★★ Envy, Lust, Wrath, Avarice, Gluttony, Sloth, and Pride. Archaic vices, relics of a Christian device of control – or something altogether more benign? Initially conceived and eventually published by Verve Press as Stirling’s second poetry collection, Love the Sinner draws the seven vices of classical theology … Continue reading Love the Sinner

Who Killed My Father – Traverse Theatre

Based on the book by Édouard Louis, translated by Lorin Stein Adapted and Directed by Nora Wardell ★★★★ Politics is a life or death game – a chess board where the hands moving the players know not the weight they wield. Surrogate production’s touring piece, Who Killed My Father, is based on Édouard Louis’ (translated by … Continue reading Who Killed My Father – Traverse Theatre

Wolfie – Tron Theatre

Written by Ross Willis Directed by Joanna Bowman ★★★★ Romulus and Remus, Mowgli, San, and now 'A'. Their upbringings were, in some ways, a touch hairy. And whilst their environments are strikingly different to the conventional manner of childhood, they nevertheless find a sense of nurture – even if only for a time with their … Continue reading Wolfie – Tron Theatre

Stornoway, Quebec – Traverse Theatre

Written by Calum L. MacLeòid Directed by Muireann Kelly ★★★★ A pair of outlaws, trapped in a horrendous snowstorm: a nod to Tarantino – with a rich command of the multi-lingual language, and a firmer footing in expanded narrative truth, Theatre Gu Leòr's Muireann Kelly and playwright Calum L MacLeòid's co-production with An Lanntair arts … Continue reading Stornoway, Quebec – Traverse Theatre