BullyBully – Traverse Theatre

https://youtu.be/svAU15UI6t0 Produced by Maas Theater ★★★★ Two world rulers engaged in a series of childish, fruitless vanity projects struggle to find any sense of common ground as they allow their petulance to get in the way as they grow more aggressive in their tactics to outdo one another. How unrealistic… Producers of dance and theatre, … Continue reading BullyBully – Traverse Theatre


Dear Billy: A Love Letter To The Big Yin – Traverse Theatre

https://youtu.be/-zIh_3FdD9Q Written by Gary McNair Directed by Joe Douglas ★★★★★ How do you distil the entire being of a man, a legacy, into ninety minutes Well, sharing in the stories from the people who know him, have never met him, love him and idolise him, and yes, even detest the man - aye, that might … Continue reading Dear Billy: A Love Letter To The Big Yin – Traverse Theatre

Love the Sinner

Written and Performed by Imogen Stirling Directed by Matthew Lenton ★★★★★ Envy, Lust, Wrath, Avarice, Gluttony, Sloth, and Pride. Archaic vices, relics of a Christian device of control – or something altogether more benign? Initially conceived and eventually published by Verve Press as Stirling’s second poetry collection, Love the Sinner draws the seven vices of classical theology … Continue reading Love the Sinner

Who Killed My Father – Traverse Theatre

Based on the book by Édouard Louis, translated by Lorin Stein Adapted and Directed by Nora Wardell ★★★★ Politics is a life or death game – a chess board where the hands moving the players know not the weight they wield. Surrogate production’s touring piece, Who Killed My Father, is based on Édouard Louis’ (translated by … Continue reading Who Killed My Father – Traverse Theatre

Sean and Daro: Flake It ‘Til They Make It – Traverse Theatre

Written by Laurie Motherwell Directed by Robert Softley Gale ★★★ There’s just something about ice cream, isn’t there? It captures this isolated point where troubles don’t so much vanish but melt. It’s a world where responsibility is misplaced until you hit the soggy bottom of the cone, and the only issue you’ve got is if … Continue reading Sean and Daro: Flake It ‘Til They Make It – Traverse Theatre