Tam O’ Shanter – Traverse Theatre

Written by Andy Dickinson (and Robert Burns) Directed by Emily Ingram ★★★★ How nice it is to find an understanding, and indeed appreciation, not only of the works of Scotland’s Bard but of the many storytellers and cultures spanning the Western waters of the country – right through the ol’ Kingdom in the East. Stolen … Continue reading Tam O’ Shanter – Traverse Theatre

Have a Gander – Manipulate 2023

The Manipulate Festival, Edinburgh's international festival of animation film, puppetry, and visual theatre returns for its ambitious 16th season. This year's festival will run from February 2nd - 12th across multiple physical and online venues in and around Edinburgh. In two weeks’ time, Edinburgh will host the return of one of the most extensive international … Continue reading Have a Gander – Manipulate 2023

Once Upon a Snowstorm – Traverse Theatre

https://youtu.be/ZDXKsO7A_dU Written by Richard Johnson Adapted and Directed by Jo Timmins ★★★★ Traditionally, the Traverse Theatre steers away from the obligatory forms of Christmas productions, though many still skirt the edges of wintery or differing end-of-year customs. Continuing a break from the influx of Yule-time-infused shows across Edinburgh, Once Upon a Snowstorm presents a clean and simple … Continue reading Once Upon a Snowstorm – Traverse Theatre

Jinnistan – Traverse Theatre

Written by Taqi Nazeer Directed by Niloo Farr Khan ★★★★ The Jinn, or perhaps you’re more familiar with the term Djinn or anglicized and generic term Genie, are beings of near-impenetrable veils, unlikely to ever be seen but always felt. The power and faith behind these pre-Islamic spirits are no less revered or impactful than … Continue reading Jinnistan – Traverse Theatre

A New Life – Traverse Theatre

Directed, Composed and Written by Andy McGregor ★★★ Parenthood’s a bit like a dance. Just as you think you’ve got all the steps down - you end up on your arse. And no matter how hard you try not to compare, it looks like everyone else is just getting the beats faster than you, better … Continue reading A New Life – Traverse Theatre