An Inspector Calls – Festival Theatre Written by J B Priestley Directed by Stephen Daldry ★★★★★  A house, broken. A country at war. A body.  A tale on class, socialism, ‘white knights’, the welfare state, and guilt, this one-act play is currently touring its 30th anniversary – and a well-deserved one at that. One of the most prestigious works of … Continue reading An Inspector Calls – Festival Theatre


Something in the Dirt Written by Justin Benson Directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead 2022/USA/116 mins ★★★★ Paranoia is a drug; highly addictive and almost therapeutic in its poison. It’s a difficult habit to shake off, hence its use as the building blocks for successful horror, sci-fi and thriller pieces of cinema. And while Something in the Dirt has … Continue reading Something in the Dirt

Post Mortem – Review Written by Piros Zánkay Story by Gábor Hellebrandt and Péter Bergendy Directed by Péter Bergendy 2020/115mins/Hungary ★★★ The dead outnumber the living. Surviving the Great War, Tomás finds himself amidst the deceased in an open grave following an explosion which should have claimed him. Mistaken for dead, it is only after the observations of … Continue reading Post Mortem – Review

In the Weeds – Summerhall

Written by Joseph Wilde Directed by Rebecca Atkinson-Lord ★★★★ It’s not peculiar to find a water baby, a person with a likeness for being near to, or found in the water at any chance. Indeed, in the Scottish Highlands and Islands, it’s a relatively normal way of life – and those who find themselves unable … Continue reading In the Weeds – Summerhall

Camping Trip – Review Directed by Demian Fuica & Leonardo Fuica Written by Leonardo Fuica 2020/USA/115mins ★★ The feeling of freedom after the initial lockdown was a peculiar one. The fear was latent, but very much still there. Our desire to see others peaked, and our initial concerns about touching, embracing, and kissing others wilted at the sight … Continue reading Camping Trip – Review