Ice Poison – Taiwanese Film Festival Written & Directed by Midi Z Taiwan / 2014 / 95 mins ★★ Burmese director Midi Z latest film is a socially conscious remark on the two options facing the poor – both of which risk your life. One is to risk breaking your body with labour, amidst endless hours working for a pittance. The other … Continue reading Ice Poison – Taiwanese Film Festival


The Bride Who Returned from Hell – Taiwan Film Festival Written by Yuan-Fu Chang Directed by Chi Hsin Taiwan / 1965 / 117 mins ★★★ Recently, the Ministry for Culture in Taiwan chose to preserve to The Bride Who Returned from Hell for its historical significance to the nation. Based on the 35mm cut, complete with grainy film cells and light strains, this revitalised look at … Continue reading The Bride Who Returned from Hell – Taiwan Film Festival

Six Suspects – Taiwan Film Festival Written by Yi-Yun Lin Directed by Lin Tuan-Chiu Taiwan / 1965 / 109 mins ★★★★ Tenn Kong-Hui has no shortage of enemies, though that’s expected for a crooked blackmailer. Abusing his talents in reconnaissance, he takes a twisted delight in busting up the soirees, marriages and lives of the social elite – for a … Continue reading Six Suspects – Taiwan Film Festival