Have a Gander – Manipulate 2023

The Manipulate Festival, Edinburgh's international festival of animation film, puppetry, and visual theatre returns for its ambitious 16th season. This year's festival will run from February 2nd - 12th across multiple physical and online venues in and around Edinburgh. In two weeks’ time, Edinburgh will host the return of one of the most extensive international … Continue reading Have a Gander – Manipulate 2023

Ghosts of the Near Future – Summerhall

Created by Emma Clark & PJ Stanley ★★★ With showgirls, preachers, nuclear physicists, and of course giant Rabbits, Ghost of The Near Future is an existential crisis and a half, an exuberantly experimental piece of theatre from emerging performance duo Emma & PJ. This cacophony of engaging storytelling, humour, and cinematic sorcery manifests a surprisingly … Continue reading Ghosts of the Near Future – Summerhall

In the Weeds – Summerhall

Written by Joseph Wilde Directed by Rebecca Atkinson-Lord ★★★★ It’s not peculiar to find a water baby, a person with a likeness for being near to, or found in the water at any chance. Indeed, in the Scottish Highlands and Islands, it’s a relatively normal way of life – and those who find themselves unable … Continue reading In the Weeds – Summerhall

The Silent Treatment – Summerhall

Written by Sarah-Louise Young Directed by Sioned Jones ★★★★ It would seem singers and Mermaids have something in common: sometimes, it takes losing their voice to realise aspects they long forgot and push them to embark on an unexpected, though necessary journey. With loose tones of The Little Mermaid (with only an ounce of some … Continue reading The Silent Treatment – Summerhall

Two Fingers Up – Summerhall

Written & Directed by Seón Simpson and Gina Donnelly ★★★★ Previously a part of Summerhall’s online Fringe in 2021, SeónSimpson and Gina Donnelly’s production makes an in-person appearance – and by Jesus, was this worth the wait. Uncompromising, unapologetic, and unfiltered, Two Fingers Up grabs audiences by the unmentionables and shakes their understanding (or lack) of sex, pleasure, … Continue reading Two Fingers Up – Summerhall