The Chosen Haram – Manipulate Festival Devised & Performed by Sadiq Ali Co-devised & Performed by Hauk Pattison ★★★★ Forbidden. Sinful. Haram. Different worlds cultivate similar restrictions and ideals, garbed in diverse cultures and histories. And challenging the status of faith, sexuality, and connection – The Chosen Haram aids in opening the 2022 season of Manipulate Festival with its premiere launch. A … Continue reading The Chosen Haram – Manipulate Festival


Becoming Electra: A Queer Mitzvah – The Studio

Directed by Tash Hyman Written by Isla Van Tricht’s  A child of Abraham, but all the same a sister queen, actor and drag queen Guy Woolf/Electra Cute and writer Isla Van Tricht’s production not only examines what it means to be open with yourself in the current world, but also explores the impact of religion, family and culture … Continue reading Becoming Electra: A Queer Mitzvah – The Studio

Lauder – Festival Theatre Studio

Original Script by Jimmy Logan Adapted by Jamie MacDougall & Kally Lloyd-Jones Directed by Kally Lloyd-Jones ★★★★ At one moment in history, Harry Lauder was the highest earning entertainer across the globe. He was the first British artist to amass the sale of over one million records. Following the loss of his son in the First World … Continue reading Lauder – Festival Theatre Studio

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof @ The Studio, Festival Theatre

Image Contribution:Marion Donohoe Written by Tennessee Williams Directed by Mike Paton Just shy of 75 years ago Leitheatre would emerge in humble beginnings, finding its namesake in the early seventies. A group banded together with two key concepts to their community – to adore dramatics and reflect on their roots in Leith. After covering a … Continue reading Cat on a Hot Tin Roof @ The Studio, Festival Theatre

Sound Symphony @ The Studio at Festival Theatre

Image contribution:Brian Hartley Director and Lead Artist Ellie Griffiths Performers/Composer Sonia Allori, Greg Sinclair, & Shiori Usui Paying tribute to the sculpture of music, Sound Symphony has a keen interest in involving its audience in the sights, feels and environment of creating music through their own bodies, and the show accommodates a variety of senses for the whole audience. Beyond … Continue reading Sound Symphony @ The Studio at Festival Theatre