Broadcast Signal Intrusion Written by Phil Drinkwater & Tim Woodall Directed by Jacob Gentry USA/2021/104mins ★★★★ Seeing something which was never there has led to a catalogue of theories, mysteries, and YouTube Rabbit holes (something which we’ll touch on later). Hours spent chasing lost media or disturbing episodes of kids' shows, the same is true for intrusive … Continue reading Broadcast Signal Intrusion

Sideshow Written & Directed by Adam Oldroyd UK/2022/94mins ★★ There’s something to be said for a cinematic experience in which national treasure Les Dennis defecates himself during an armed heist; it’s nothing good. British comedy Sideshow seems to consider itself a bit of a freak, separate from the mainstream, a ‘dark’ comedy that finds itself with a … Continue reading Sideshow

Champion of Auschwitz Written & Directed by Maciej Barczewski Poland/2020/91mins ★★★★ It is 1940. And the first transports to the newly constructed concentration camp Auschwitz have arrived. Reclaiming an inspirational account from the Holocaust is a neigh-on difficulty, and even those films which manage lift the tale into problematic avenues. And this is not to say there … Continue reading Champion of Auschwitz

Into the Labyrinth – Review Written & Directed by Donato Carissi Italy/2019/130mins ★★★ It’s all just a game to some people. After fifteen years, Samantha Andretti awakens inside St. Catherine’s hospital, police at the door and a mysterious Dr Green observing her. Andretti’s only memory of her time away has been playing various games with an unidentified kidnapper, lost … Continue reading Into the Labyrinth – Review

Schemers – Review Directed by Dave Mclean Written by Dave Mclean, Khaled Spiewak & Kyle Titterton UK/91mins/2020 ★★★ You know, Dundee has much more to it than 24hr bakeries and penguin statues. It even has more to it than a brand-spanking-new, though overpriced and under-filled Museum. Dundee - for all of the grim visage and notoriety has … Continue reading Schemers – Review