Blaccine: First Dose – Pitlochry Festival Theatre and Stockroom

Produced by Pitlochry Festival Theatre and Stockroom in Association with Naked Productions Written by Maheni Arthur, Tonderai Munyevu and Isaac Tomiczek Co-Directed by Tonderai Munyevu and Debbie Hannan ★★★ Official medical warnings of rising infections, re-ignited cautions to wear masks and the continuing financial damages heaped onto the public from blind-eyed government cronyism; all feels … Continue reading Blaccine: First Dose – Pitlochry Festival Theatre and Stockroom

History – Sound Stage

Written by Roy Williams Directed by Ben Occhipinti ★★★★★ It seems never-ending, the continuous cycle of abuse, outrage, action, pity and inevitable forgetting in this country towards the systemic abuse of Black lives. And for families, who told their kids that they were no less British than the rest and yet found that the institutional … Continue reading History – Sound Stage

The Mother Load – The Royal Lyceum

Written by Lynda Radley Directed by Isobel McArthur ★★★★ It’s often remarked that there is nothing like childbirth, not the physical stresses and pain, nor the cacophony of fears, joy, terror, and love in the creation of a relationship between mother and their new “bean”. Continuing to produce the highest-quality audio dramas, even as live … Continue reading The Mother Load – The Royal Lyceum