Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs – Festival Theatre

Written by Harry Michaels and Allan Stewart With Additional Material by Grant Stott and Jordan Young Directed by Ed Curtis ★★★★ Hiya pals, now - the first thing you might have noticed is that we seem to be in a new home. While the Lady of Leven Street has a slumber, her younger sibling is … Continue reading Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs – Festival Theatre


Snow White – Byre Theatre

Written and Directed by Gordon Barr Musical Direction by Andy Manning ★★★★ There’s a touching duality to this year's Byre Theatre production of Snow White, featuring a tag-line theme of re-writing our stories. Traditionally, pantos of old suffer the lop-sided representations of their fairy-tale foundations, swinging the opposite way to recover this ended in a … Continue reading Snow White – Byre Theatre

The Grandmother’s Grimm – Assembly Roxy

Written by Emily Ingram Directed by Gerry Kielty and Emily Ingram ★★★★★ On a dark, dark night, in a dark, dark room, two brothers sit and conspire. Their names are pre-eminent with history; Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm – but they aren’t alone in this room, for two women are also present at the birth of … Continue reading The Grandmother’s Grimm – Assembly Roxy