The Gang Show – Festival Theatre

Directed by Andy Johnston Musical Direction by Andrew Thomson ★★★ It just hasn’t been the same without them. Relocating from their traditional home at The King’s Theatre whilst it undergoes restoration, The Gang Show finds itself upon the Festival Theatre stage until Saturday, and even with the upscale venue size – it’s only just big … Continue reading The Gang Show – Festival Theatre


The Cher Show – Festival Theatre Music as performed by Cher Book by Rick Elise Directed by Arlene Phillips ★★★★ Hooooooo boy, here we go. It should come as no surprise that in the pantheon of Jukebox musicals, some industry giants have carved their names onto the stage once more. But there was one notable absence. The tale of a … Continue reading The Cher Show – Festival Theatre

The Single Lady – theSpace on North Bridge Written by Lauren Brewer & Will Drake Direction by Lauren Brewer Musical Direction by Will Drake ★★★★ “The devil works hard, but the Queen works harder.” Durham University’s Tone Deaf Theatre Company present a snappy, cleverly written musical with a talented cast based on the life and love of Queen Elizabeth the First. The … Continue reading The Single Lady – theSpace on North Bridge

SIX – Festival Theatre

Written by Toby Marlow & Lucy Moss Directed by Lucy Moss & Jamie Armitage Last week we celebrated International Women's Day. A minor, though no less significant slice, of the appreciation, adoration and respect millions across the globe deserve. And yet, looking back into Her-Story, there's a pantheon of stories left behind in the shadows … Continue reading SIX – Festival Theatre

SIX – Festival Theatre

Written by Toby Marlow & Lucy Moss Directed by Lucy Moss & Jamie Armitage History is widely written by men; no wonder we didn't pay attention in school. Unless you have had the misfortune of a beheading or being pushed into a nunnery by your gout-suffering brut of a husband, Six is the concert musical sensation which … Continue reading SIX – Festival Theatre