Have a Gander – Manipulate 2023

The Manipulate Festival, Edinburgh's international festival of animation film, puppetry, and visual theatre returns for its ambitious 16th season. This year's festival will run from February 2nd - 12th across multiple physical and online venues in and around Edinburgh. In two weeks’ time, Edinburgh will host the return of one of the most extensive international … Continue reading Have a Gander – Manipulate 2023

Treasure Island – The Lanternhouse, Cumbernauld

https://youtu.be/UxxnL26CGpY Written by Ross Mackay Directed by Jordan Blackwood ★★★★★ Rifling through the pages of a well-loved story: there’s nothing better, is there? Seeking fortunes, solving mysteries, standing toe-to-toe with Dark Lords, and saving distant lands – the storybook is a gateway of limitless potential, and for some, it’s a lifeline, a friend. And where … Continue reading Treasure Island – The Lanternhouse, Cumbernauld