Unfortunate – Underbelly

https://youtu.be/Bn1RI37mcnQ Books & Lyrics by Robyn Grant & Daniel Foxx Music by Tim Gilvin Directed by Robyn Grant ★★★★★ Wicked witches, Cruel Stepmothers, Puppy-Skinners, Orphan-nappers, The villainous Divas of Disney have a lot to answer for, but one, more than any, has ruled these Queens and pushed her way into the Queer mainstream world. Please, … Continue reading Unfortunate – Underbelly


Rob Madge: My Son’s a Queer (But What Can You Do) – Underbelly

Created by Robert Madge ★★★★★ You’ve likely already seen the cute videos of the young kid, recreating the over-commercialised Magical wonder of Disney in their living room. For shame if not - in the videos of Robert Madge, Mickey Mouse signs autographs, Belle finds their Beast, Bert misses his cue, and Maleficent is once again … Continue reading Rob Madge: My Son’s a Queer (But What Can You Do) – Underbelly

No Place Like Home – Pleasance Dome

Directed & Co-created by Cameron Carver Co-Creator & Sound Design by Jac Cooper ★★★★ There’s always one. Sat alone at the bar, watching, taking in the journeys and stories of those surrounding them. But thing is that person sat night after night, well, they too have a story. Or rather, they have two tales to … Continue reading No Place Like Home – Pleasance Dome

Kneecaps – Assemby Roxy

Written by Joe Hunter Directed by Rachel Fraser ★★★ Moot Point Collective, a queer-led creative company bring Joe Hunter’s new writing piece, Kneecaps, to the Assembly Roxy in Edinburgh. A surreal, and a darkly comic piece which seeds questions surrounding queer identity in a hostile world around the survival mechanics of a life-threatening epidemic. Isolated … Continue reading Kneecaps – Assemby Roxy

Quentin Crisp: Naked Hope – Stream Theatre

Written by Mark Farrelly Directed by Linda Marlowe ★★★★ Quentin Crisp, the infamous English writer, actor, and speaker was, in his own words, quite noticeable from an early age. A child from a conventional suburban background, Crisp was a gay man who seemed a touch of a contradiction – criticising gay liberation and the concept … Continue reading Quentin Crisp: Naked Hope – Stream Theatre