Tiger Lady – Pleasance Courtyard

Artistic Direction by Kasia Zaremba-Byrne Co-Written by Alex Byrne ★★★ The circus is the work of the devil. It’s difficult to disagree with Mary-Ann Haynie’s intensely religious aunts. Death-defying acts, beasts, manipulation, scintillating beauty, and an uncanny ability to part hungry audiences with their hard-earned dollars; may be a work of the devil, but Dead … Continue reading Tiger Lady – Pleasance Courtyard

A Brief History of the Fragile Male Ego – Pleasance Dome

Presented by Jordan & Skinner with Pleasance Runs at Pleasance Dome until August 26th Today we’re having a presentation on A Brief History of the Fragile Male Ego. We even have special guests! Sigmund Freud, Julius Ceaser, and Poseidon himself may make an appearance. These talks usually fall flat, but perhaps with visual aids and … Continue reading A Brief History of the Fragile Male Ego – Pleasance Dome

Bible John – Pleasance Courtyard

Written by Caitlin McEwan Directed by Lizzie Manwaring A recipient of Pleasance's Charlie Hartill Theatre Reserve 2019, Poor Michelle offer their interpretation on a killer who was never caught, and the culture surrounding him – Bible John. Gaze around this festival and one prevalent feature will leap at you: serial killers. Musicals, theatre and comedies … Continue reading Bible John – Pleasance Courtyard

Bobby & Amy – Pleasance Courtyard

Written & Directed by Emily Jenkins Runs at Pleasance Courtyard from July 31st - August 26th (not 12th) 12.45pm Friends, though not at first, Bobby & Amy live their days like, dare say, a great many of us did. They have trouble at home, the hidden side of country small-town life. Both of them bullied, … Continue reading Bobby & Amy – Pleasance Courtyard

Fishbowl – Pleasance Courtyard

https://youtu.be/HAbYPiC8QQo Written by Pierre Guillois, Agathe L’Huillier and Olivier Martin-Salvan Directed by Pierre Guillois Runs at Pleasance Courtyard from July 31st to August 26th (not 14th), 13:00pm You ever have those days where nothing goes right? Ever have one of those lives where everything just goes to hell? That’s the lives of these accident-prone, chaos … Continue reading Fishbowl – Pleasance Courtyard