Daniel Getting Married – Play, Pie & Pint

Written by JD Stewart Directed by Kenny Miller ★★★ Commendable, a word tossed around often with little weight or relevance, but in the words of the Traverse; "The Show Goes On". And after two of Daniel Getting Married’s cast members are down with Covid, Emily Winters and Michael Dylan arrive with a commendable call to action, and … Continue reading Daniel Getting Married – Play, Pie & Pint

Man’s Best Friend – Play, Pie & Pint

Written by Douglas Maxwell Directed by Jemima Levick ★★★★ Ronnie’s life is woefully prosaic and wonderfully unremarkable. Every morning, Ronnie collects the neighbours’ dogs for their routine walk – he isn’t particularly good at it, but the dogs seem to appreciate the company. Whether it’s Rex, a young couple’s new puppy, or the bright orange … Continue reading Man’s Best Friend – Play, Pie & Pint

Milkshake – Play, Pie & Pint

Written by Rob Drummond Directed by Finn Den Hertog ★★★ Wilson, Prescott, Mandelson, Farage, Miliband, Farage (again), Corbyn - there’s not a lot that these men share – outside of their target practice for dairy products. Tory MP Arthur and PHD graduate Owen find themselves in restorative justice, a session designed to resolve a meaningful … Continue reading Milkshake – Play, Pie & Pint